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    Shadows of Adam, A Mix of Classic and Modern, A Humorous and Outrageous Battles is Coming to Nintendo Switch this May.

    CIRCLE Entertainment and Something Classic Games are delighted to confirm that Shadows of Adam will be available on Nintendo Switch on May 3rd, 2019.

    This Nintendo Switch release is the console debut for Shadows of Adam, following its previous arrival on PC and Mac. It is also a complete edition, with the previous DLC – “Guild of the Artificers” included. A blend of classic ideas, modern touches, humour and outrageous battles, Shadows of Adam is both a love letter to classics in the genre and a fresh take.

    In the story of shadows of Adam, where it all started in the impenetrable haze of the misty woods. Adam which lived in peace since the days of wraith war but even the dark power that fueled the war has decent once more and Adam’s legendary hero Orazio is long gone.

    Mysteries over his disappearance for over 10 years without any explanation or clue, leaving his son and adopted daughter to face the dark secret which he left behind where the secret now must be revealed to the children to save both Adam and their departed father.

    Shadow of Adam features playable characters with fast-paced battles, gorgeous graphics with a nice soundtrack that will convince to play anywhere you like may it be via TV or handheld.



    Shadow of Adam will be available at Nintendo eShop on May 3rd for USD 14.99 (approx MYR 62). For players who pre-order the game now before the game actually releases can get a 10% off from the SRP which costs USD 13.49 (approx MYR 56).


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