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    League of Angels III a year on, a handful of treats for their players!

    League of Angels III has had an amazing year thus far, celebrating their 1st Anniversary with a bunch of cool events in August. Moving forward from the anniversary events, LOA3 is jam-packing the months ahead with new contents in-game, and players are in for a real “Oktoberfest” surprise waiting for the next month.

    An eventful Oktoberfest celebration

    After the events of Gamescom at Cologne this year, LOA3 is paying homage to the legendary German festival of Oktoberfest by putting on a unique in-game event with where players can earn outfits and exclusive titles. Cladded in Bavarian-themed outfits, other such shenanigans include the unique “Bretzel”, AKA “Beer Pretzel’s” that await players in the game ! Warriors will be able to find and collect beer pretzels which can then be redeemed for exclusive store items.

    1000th server galore!

    LOA3 will be opening their 1000th server in September after only being around a year. That’s 3 servers each day from the launch date! Players will be able to participate in the 1000th server event for the chance to win an exclusive in-game title.

    New hero and items? Yes, please!

    Players will be looking at a new hero in September after the recent launch of Moira, an attack-potent hero that is undeniably an asset to the team. For September, players can look forward to the release of another powerful hero – in the form of Kalypso. New items are also making their debut this month, including a Quality-Artifact Relic and a new Type-Charm.

    League of Angels III is set to make this quarter of the year an awesome one with all their upcoming surprises and events. Stay tuned to their official Facebook Page for the latest news and updates on the game!

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