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    Order Up! Plateup! Serves Up A Tasty Helping Of Chaotic, Cooperative Kitchen Action To Consoles On November 2nd 2023

    Bon appetit, you’re in for a treat! MICHELIN Star indie developer It’s Happening and acclaimed-restaurateur slash publisher Yogscast Games are thrilled to announce their restaurant management, roguelite title PlateUp! will be coming to Nintendo Switch, Playstation 5, and Xbox Series X|S on November 2nd 2023. In addition, PlateUp! is being added to the menu on Xbox Game Pass.

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    PlateUp! serves up robust kitchen and restaurant management gameplay with a sizable pinch of strategic planning and two cups of deep roguelite mechanics to create the ultimate culinary experience. Build your restaurant from the ground up, and take full creative control. From menus to fully automated kitchens to serve customers – PlateUp! lets you design and expand your restaurant to meet the challenge of remaining open for 15 days (and beyond!).

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    Game Features:
    • COOK! Cook together with up to four players in classic co-op action, preparing your choice of cuisines — from salads to steak, fast-food to five-star gourmet. Build your kitchen, choose your equipment, write your menu and plate up.
    • SERVE! A restaurant worth its salt (and pepper) will be built to operate without a hitch! As important as what happens in the kitchen is what happens outside of it – seating customers, delivering orders and handling difficult customers. Managing smooth front-of-house operations helps to ensure that you don’t leave customers with a bitter taste.
    • UPGRADE! From high-tech, automated robo-kitchens to expertly curated art collections – once your shift ends, decide on how to spend your hard-earned cash! Fit brand new turbo-ovens, slap a coat of paint on the walls or hire in a fancy maître d’ to customize the restaurant to your exact liking.
    • EXPAND! Once you’ve completed all of the goals in your first location, it’s time to branch out! Bring new unlocks and upgrades with you to a brand-new, procedurally-generated spot – with its own climate, customers and conditions to boot! When your shift is complete, return to franchise HQ to view your achievements, customise your characters and upgrade your kit for your next adventure.

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