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    Ocean Drive Studio Announces First Title alongside a Kickstarter campaign, Lost Eidolons, For Classic, Turn-Based RPG Players

    Ocean Drive Studio announced its first title, Lost Eidolons, will come first to PC via Steam Early Access and launched a Kickstarter campaign to support the game. The game is a classic, turn-based tactical RPG and the Kickstarter is an important part of the team’s “open development,” process. Ocean Drive explains how backers will be welcomed to the game’s community for playtests, to share feedback, and help Ocean Drive strive to make the next great title in the genre.

    About Lost Eidolons

    Lost Eidolons welcomes players to the fantasy world of Artemesia, where they help the mercenary Eden and his compatriots overthrow a tyrannical despot to return peace to the empire. Players will need strategic planning through the title’s deep unit management systems to accompany savvy tactical gameplay if they are going to conquer the game’s tactical turn-based grid combat. Lost Eidolons will feature a new story to accompany dozens of hours of strategy and tactical play to challenge and reward players.

    The title was initially revealed as part of the recent ID@Xbox Indie Showcase and an Xbox release will be announced later. Interested PC players can visit the Steam page to learn more, add the game to their wish list and learn more about the game’s development and updates.

    “Our team’s favorite games are turn-based RPGs and we want Lost Eidolons players to have that same great feeling we do when playing one of the best titles in the genre – We are eager to receive player feedback to help us iterate and improve Lost Eidolons, just like we’ve seen with multiplayer online games our team worked on before joining Ocean Drive Studio.”
    Ocean Drive Studio CEO – Jae Kim

    The Kickstarter results will not affect the development of the core game but unlock the team to increase the scope of development and offer players some in-game rewards, including:

    • Toggable “Permadeath” feature and an enhanced Hell Mode difficulty for those looking for serious challenges
    • Leaving messages for players in the form of a tombstone in a graveyard for heroes
    • Naming rights for NPCs and powerful items
    • Discounted digital copies of the game

    This is the first game announced for Ocean Drive Studio and aligns with the studio’s goal to create experiences through an open development process that welcomes communities of players to form, share feedback and help improve a game before it launches.

    Game Overview as shared on Steam

    Eden is a reputable mercenary in his hometown of Lonetta. When an aristocratic conspiracy causes his fall from grace, he is left with no choice but to follow the machinations of fate that will engross him into a ploy to overthrow the conquering Emperor, Ludivictus. A journey riddled with moral dilemma, bitter farewells, and emotional betrayal; Eden’s journey will force him to discover who he really is on this grand stage.

    Engineer your victories in a bid to reclaim a war-ravaged empire

    Lost Eidolons is a strategy turn-based RPG set in a western fantasy world called Artemesia. Cycle between the tactical turn-based grid combat and an out-game unit management system to prepare, outwit, and prevail in each of the sequences and discover the outcome of the revolution.

    Key Features

    • Strategic turn-based tactical combat – Leverage the terrain and careful positioning to execute synergistic effects, and the unique strengths of your army’s composition to deal with any enemy encounter. How you employ your strategy allows you to minimalize casualties on the battlefield.
    • In-depth character customization – Unlock new equipment, discover over a dozen unique combat classes, and arm your units with a varied selection of skills and spells that will help them seize victory.
    • Deepen allied bonds – Take time to strengthen the resolve of allies and see this effort yield powerful results on the battlefield. Leverage affinity with visiting NPCs in the camp to potentially earn new recruits.
    • A carefully crafted classic story revolving around the bonds formed between comrades struggling for freedom in a continent marred by war and political turmoil, along with a backstory that is influenced by the mythos of the Four Symbols of the Chinese constellations.
    • Beautifully orchestrated original soundtrack by the talented composer Clark Aboud, the brilliant mind behind the score of memorable games such as Slay the Spire and Factory Town.

    The game is planned to launch first in Early Access on PC this fourth quarter of 2021, with potential consoles release later on.

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