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    Ragnarok X: Next Generation Closed Beta Test is Now Live!

    Nuverse has announced that it will kick off the Closed Beta Test of Ragnarok X: Next Generation (aka ROX), across Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. The closed beta for this beloved classic franchise will be starting on 23 April 2021 until 8 May 2021.

    Licensed by Gravity Co.,Ltd and developed by The Dream Network, Ragnarok X: Next Generation invites you to explore a faithful re-imagining of the Midgard you know and love, rendered in polished 3D, along with next-generation gameplay, original classes, demons and so much more! Here is some information from the press release:

    The game retains the 6 original classes – Swordsman, Thief, Acolyte, Mage, Archer and Merchant. With 2 upgrade classes and 3 advancement stages for each of them, players can have more flexibility in classes. With their unaltered Korean Chibi art style, your favourite familiar demons, such as Poring and Lunatic, together with impressive scenes like The Fountain in Prontera, are all sure to be found in the world of ROX.
    Moreover, the game also sports a host of new features that make it a fresh, new journey for players. Ragnarok X: Next Generation leverages 3D modelling to build a fully realistic world – a visual feast for players! The stories in ROX have been refreshed as well, and through over 100 side quests and over 40 real-time rendered animations, players can delve deeper into the lore of ROX.

    Ragnarok X: Next Generation also offers an in-depth experience during adventures in its world. With the updated Unity 3D engine, twin-joystick control scheme and 2.5D + 3D double-perspective design, you’ll have a better sense of control, both while in combat and otherwise. The brand-new engine also includes its own weather system, bringing a more realistic immersive experience for players.

    Players in SEA can pre-register for Ragnarok X: Next Generation on the game’s pre-registration website here. There will also be unique rewards for pre-registration milestone like the title of “New Age Adventurer”, a Campus Festival backpack, and a pet hamster!

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