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    Blackout Protocol Is Getting A New Closed Beta And It’s Coming Fast!

    Ocean Drive Studio invites all adrenaline fans to join the second closed beta for its upcoming twin-stick co-op shooter Blackout Protocol. Offering unique 3-player co-op action with a dash of rogue-lite elements. All players are welcome to head toward the game’s Steam page to register for the new closed beta running from April 6th to April 10th!

    Register here:
    Daily schedule for each major time zone:
    PDT: 3 PM, Apr 6 – 2 PM, Apr 10
    EDT: 6 PM, Apr 6 – 5 PM, Apr 10
    CET: 11 PM, Apr 6 – 11 PM, Apr 10
    KST: 7 AM, Apr 7 – 7 AM, Apr 11
    ICT: 5 AM, Apr 7 – 5 AM, Apr 11

    About Blackout Protocol

    Blackout Protocol invites action lovers to a frenetic twin-stick shooter where 3 players will collaborate to eradicate a very real menace. The three agents will be deployed in a remote containment facility that went dark after an internal breach. Shoot your way through hordes of creatures and use data cubes, credits, and blueprints to upgrade your equipment at the next safe zone.. if you can reach it!

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