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    New dynamic puzzle RPG Fairy Knights comes to Nintendo Switch on April 30th

    The game publisher CFK announced that Fairy Knights will be released worldwide for Nintendo Switch on April 30th.



    A unique puzzle RPG

    Where the player embarks on an adventure with adorable chibi-style characters in pastel-colored world.

    In the game, Kai and Elisa must defeat the Devil and revive Vadelle, the barren kingdom from which the Devil took away the source of life. What they need is magic stones; they have to find the temples located throughout the kingdom and pass the Fairies’ tests. But unknown intentions and phenomena prolong what seemed to be an easy job. What secret would Kai and Elisa reveal in their journey?

    Fairy Knights’ battle system is based on the puzzle. Various attacks and spells are activated depending on how the route is connected by moving stone panels. And combos are important. More combos mean more damage, so the player needs to think and control fast. Don’t let your guard down in the active real-time battle!

    English, Korean, and Japanese are supported, and interchangeable in the in-game option.

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