Home News Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, new Elder Dragon revealed and new BETA?

    Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, new Elder Dragon revealed and new BETA?

    In conjunction with Gamescom 2019, Capcom has released a new trailer “Old Everwyrm” together with the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Developer Diary #2.


    First, the brute wyvern Brachydios is known for its explosive slime attacks teased back in the previous trailer but is shown in full force here. Adding on to that, a mysterious all-new Elder Dragon “Namielle” looks to be a powerful foe with water-based attacks!

    In Developer Diary #2, the Monster Hunter team reveals more about the new flagship monster “Velkhana”. This Elder Dragon’s can form icy armour to protect itself, shearing the icy armour to prevent Velkhana’s ice attack just like shearing Nergigante spikes to prevent its dive-bomb attack. Velkhana icy breath can cause frozen pillars to form on the battlefield, which can be used to create exciting opportunities for new hunting strategies or to use as blocking some nasty attacks. Weapons balance fixes are discussed in this developer diary as well.


    A free Guardian Armor set will be provided to all hunters, in both Monster Hunter: World and Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.
    This upgradeable armour set offers increased defence and skills that help hunters survive in the New World. The buffed armour can be equipped from the beginning of the World game and is especially geared towards newer hunters to help them progress through the main story and reach the end quickly.

    Another new feature to the series is Hunter Helper, which focuses on High-Rank assistance for Low-Rank players by creating incentives for the community to help fellow hunters.

    Helpful players will get rewarded with exclusive in-game Pendants for assisting other hunters in ranks below their own, these item does not offer any abilities but hunters can decorate it on the weapons.
    Beside helping peoples, pendants can be acquired by advancing through the game and satisfying the conditions. Visit smithy to affix it to the weapons.

    Lastly, an ad showing a new Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Beta is coming August 30th – September 1st and will let hunters face the new elder dragon Velkhana, but there is no official announcement from Capcom yet let us hope it is real…..

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