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    Scriptum On iOS & Android Challenges You To A Game Of Wits To Survive The First-Ever Mobile Augmented Reality Escape Rooms

    Adver2Play invites iOS and Android users to download and try out their groundbreaking, one-of-a-kind, Virtual Escape Room Scriptum, based on Augmented Reality technology. Your task is to navigate rooms and interact with objects to gain clues in order to solve mysteries to escape. Scriptum is a unique game and the first-ever mobile Augmented Reality title to appear on the app stores.


    Scriptum challenges you to move around a predefined space solving puzzles allowing you to escape; interact with objects and tools, and make use of night-vision goggles to see in the dark. Scan the environment, position your portal and enter to play. The game currently offers 3 rooms to explore with additional rooms to become available in the future: put your reasoning and logic skills to the test in the Classic room, and complete puzzles left by a best-selling author. You may also play the Christmas room and enter Santa’s toy factory! Find a way to escape before Santa adds you to his naughty list. The latest room – just added to the game – is the Future room. Earth has become a hostile environment and you need to find a way back to the present by disabling security protocols using futuristic technology.


    Scriptum was picked by Google to be published in Chinese markets and was recently featured on leading app stores. New additions to the game include a new tutorial and an in-game help option. It currently supports 15 different languages. Currently in the works are the Horror room, the City Of Dragons room and a Halloween themed room.

    Scriptum AR Escape Room is now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play store.


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