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    Maniac Crashes Into Steam Next Fest With Full Fury

    Maniac wreaks havoc across the Steam Next Fest this week. Maniac puts pure chaos into the player’s hands. Time to take out your aggression on the unsuspecting community. Can you survive the cops, loot, and destroy your way to maniacal glory?


    About the game

    Skystone Games is excited to show Maniac, a fast-paced rogue-lite shooter that blends the wild destruction of games like Grand Theft Auto with the addictive ‘just one more try’ nature of Vampire Survivors. Whether running around in a shootout with the police or driving a bus into oncoming traffic, Maniac allows players to cause total anarchy.

    Download the Maniac Demo on Steam Next Fest this week and crash your way into society with no rules to worry about.

    What Makes Maniac Tick?

    • Six colorful characters with unique abilities. Here are a few!
      • A homicidal clown (need we say more?).
      • A drunken Santa who lost his job at the mall.
      • Nothing is more violent than a teenager with brass knuckles.
    • Heart-pounding chase-driven action built on explosive physics and destruction.
    • Use whatever means necessary to earn money and pay back your debts.
    • With each new crime, the law gets more ticked off – police, FBI, military, special forces, and more will all be on your tail.
    • Buy guns, explosives, and special items to keep your runs going longer.
    • Unlockable items and upgrades across all characters – better guns, landmines, sturdier cars, and more cash-per-crime. The upgrade path is yours to choose.
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