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    Enjoy A Sneak Peek Of Dear Villagers’ Next RPG: Terra Memoria During Steam Next Fest From February 5th to 12th

    The team is thrilled to announce one of the most anticipated releases from Dear Villagers in 2024, and it’s coming to you sooner than you think. Get ready to dive into the enchanting world of Terra Memoria, a vibrant RPG.

    Mark your calendars and join them at the Steam Next Fest on February 5th for an exclusive sneak peek at this extraordinary journey with Terra Memoria demo. Don’t miss your chance to be among the first to explore Terra Memoria and see a preview of what is coming in Spring 2024.

    The Demo will be available on Steam and Optimized for Steam Deck from February 5th and during the whole Steam Next Fest.

    Note that after enjoying the demo, you’ll be able to continue where you left off when the game is released in Spring.

    Embark on a journey in Terra Memoria, filled with exploration, crafting, and friendship.

    Terra Memoria sends players on a globe-trotting journey full of exploration, crafting, building, and friendship. A shortage of magic crystals and the sudden awakening of ancient robots push six new friends into a crazy investigation through Terra, a whimsical and cozy world combining 3D graphics and pixel art.

    Players control all party members, as each embarks on their own story and brings their unique skills to the table as they engage in Terra Memoria’s turn-based combat.

    You’ll have to do more than fight though, as to save the world players will have to craft, cook, camp, and master Terra Memoria’s unique building system that allows them to create objects, solve environmental puzzles, and eventually build their own little village.

    As players explore Terra Memoria’s different countries, they’ll have to find missing pages of regional guides, offering info on new recipes, important characters, clues to help you during your investigation, and more information about regional specialties.​ Understanding local customs is key to a fruitful expedition.


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