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    Little Witch Academia and Seven Deadly Sins Games Incoming From Bandai

    Bandai’s One, Two, Punch!!!

    Early this week, Bandai Namco Entertainment has reveal a trio of games to be release to the west.

    Getting Bewitched

    First is Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time which is a Action Beat ’em Up JRPG. The game has its own original storyline created by the same people who made the popular anime series, Studio Trigger. All the main characters will be there and each of them will have a original storyline for the game for the players to explore. No exact date has been given but it is set to release early 2018.

    After a long time…. it has arrived

    One manga which I followed from the start was Seven Deadly Sins. I am glad that it is getting some recognition and it first game on a console. The game title Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia, follows Meliodas, Elizabeth and Hawk adventures as in the comics. Each character will have its own unique moves as they explore Britannia. Sadly there is no release date or launch window information for this game.

    Gundam Versus has a release date!!!

    The last announcement is related to the already know arriving Gundam Versus. The game is getting a North America release and now they have reveal that the release date is on 29 September 2017. I am sure fans of the series cannot wait to get their hands on this game to battle it out with their friends with a wide variety of Gundams.

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