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    Lightseekers Is Storming Onto the Nintendo Switch

    Playfusion will be bringing Lightseekers to Nintendo Switch somewhere in the mid-January of 2019, following the success of the Lightseekers Mobile. With the enhanced reality engine, we will be seeing a colourful and vibrant trading card game on the Switch and there will be cross play with Lightseekers Mobile.

    Players can experience a new way of playing where there will be a combination of both digital and physical gameplay. Players are able to scan the physical cards and quickly add to the digital deck to craft new battle strategies and practice them on the digital battlefield. Moreover, players are able to practice against AI with their custom deck before facing against your friends or the community. With leaderboards, players are able to compete and show their skills in the ranked matches to earthe n greatest rewards.

    “It’s just a fantastic feeling to see Lightseekers make its way to the Nintendo Switch,” said PlayFusion CEO Mark Gerhard. “Lightseekers was PlayFusion’s debut into gaming, and to see it grow to this level just makes the whole team proud.”

    New DLC is on the way

    With the new expansion Lightseekers: Uprising on the horizon, this is the perfect time for new players to join the exciting world of Tantos. Players can play Lightseekers with physical cards, available in local hobby stores, as well as digitally on mobile devices, tablets and soon the Nintendo Switch.

    About PlayFusion

    Headquartered in Cambridge, the tech nirvana of the United Kingdom, PlayFusion is a multi-award-winning studio that is pioneering the future of enhanced reality entertainment. PlayFusion’s titles include their original IP, Lightseekers, and Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions. Powered by leading edge proprietary computer vision technology, the Enhanced Reality Engine™ seamlessly integrates physical and digital worlds, enabling visionary creators, designers, educators, entertainers and storytellers to deliver truly magical, compelling content.

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