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    Review : Lightseekers – Great game, wrong platform.

    Developed By: PlayFusion Ltd.

    Published By: PlayFusion

    Platforms: Nintendo Switch, iOs, Android

    Reviewed On: Nintendo Switch, Android

    As with most Trading Card Games(TCG) in the market, Lightseekers is a turn based battle-it-out TCG. PlayFusion, the developer of Lightseekers launched the mobile version in Q2 of last year, and as of 10th January this year – the Nintendo Switch version was released.

    Overall Gameplay

    We find Lightseekers rather refreshing in comparison to the few greats of the TCG industry. The mechanics of the game is designed with the intent of keeping the game light enough for beginners to enjoy and yet open to the intricate play-style of TCG veterans. This is a balance that have been proven to be difficult to achieve for most of the new TCGs in the market.

    The basic gameplay is as simple as a brawl between two players, duking it out until somebody hits 0 hp. Each player, is represented by a hero card of the six available orders (think of it as the different elements in your typical magical circle) and 35 other cards(attack, defend, buff and item) to form the deck. And with this deck, both players take turns to play the cards in their hands to either attack, defend or change the flow of the game.

    The rules itself are rather straightforward; which makes it easy for those who have not dabbled in the world of TCGs. As we accustom ourselves with the game’s mechanics, we’ve discovered the possibilities of constructing our decks to suit our preferred play-style and perform complex moves – which is awesome!

    Platform Comparison : Nintendo Switch Vs Mobile

    Homescreen on the Nintendo Switch version

    Let’s put it this way, you’re better off playing it on your mobile phone for now. Here’s why.

    1. It works with the touchscreen only. Which means you can forget about docking your Switch as Joy-Cons are not supported yet.
    2. Most, if not all digital TCGs needs to be connected to the Internet at all times. That’s totally pointless on the Switch when you’re outdoors and need access to Wi-Fi or tethering from your phone.
    3. The mobile version allows you to scan physical copies of the card into the game itself. Nintendo Switch doesn’t even have a proper camera. LMAO
    4. The gameplay experience on the mobile version is similar to the Nintendo Switch release.
      • Without the bulkiness of the Switch.
      • Without the hassle of actively seeking Internet connectivity while you’re on the go.
      • Without the need to either overly stretch your thumbs or removing the Joy-Cons while you’re playing this game.

    But of course, they’re both free to play, which is great. Free is good, good is free.

    Homescreen on the mobile version


    Overall, Lightseekers is a great Trading Card Game with robustly designed game mechanics. The gameplay experience itself is refreshing for both beginners and veterans alike.

    The best platform to play Lightseekers is still on your mobile phone, or better yet – get both the physical and mobile version! The Nintendo Switch version in our eyes, is totally pointless. In fact, we even have two questions to the developers themselves – Wtf were you thinking? Why launch a flawed product when you’re so close to launching something better?

    Here’s us attempting to scan a card we found on google images. :p


    Final Score : Mobile Platform – 9.5/10

    Final Score : Nintendo Switch Platform – 4.5/10

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