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    Learn a plethora of skills through Huawei Academy for only RM1

    Huawei is giving its loyal users the wealth of knowledge at the tip of their fingers. Announced not too long, Huawei Academy is the company’s own approach to the masterclass platform that is widely known on the internet.


    Huawei Masterclass

    The Huawei Academy will be accessible through the company’s Video app. So far the company has gotten the likes of Goh Liu Ying who will be sharing her knowledge in badminton, Peter Hugh Davis of Mixed Martial Arts and Syed Adney, former footballer, and current football commentator just to name a few.

    It is important to note that not every video classes are free as some of the more in-depth classes require a charge for access. Nonetheless, Huawei in partnership with Maxis, has come up with a promotion that allows you to access all videos at a really small amount of RM1.

    This promotion is in conjunction with Maxis’s Biggest Sale which is currently offering the Huawei Nova 7 and Nova 7 SE which are offering both phones at a low price of RM39 and RM1 respectively. These prices are only available if you sign up with either Maxis Zerolution plan or MaxisONE Plan 158.

    Huawei is also giving 3 months of Premium Access to purchases of the P40 Series and MatePad Series.


    Rewarding members

    Huawei is also giving new users of the Nova 7 series a treat worth up to RM1000. These particular treats will come from partners such as AirAsia Big, Baskin Robbin’s, Domino’s Pizza, Texas Chicken, Puma, Lazada, Free Fire, and many more. Huawei sure knows how to spoil fans.


    Huawei’s surprises in the AppGallery

    Huawei’s AppGallery is offering their generosity to Penangnites or those planning to head up North. You can get a RM5 parking ticket with the Penang Smart Parking application through the AppGallery.

    In addition to that, you can also redeem up to 2TB of Huawei’s Cloud Storage that you are able to use to store photos, videos, and backing up data. Nonetheless, the redemption is only for a month’s use of the service.

    As usual, both these ‘surprises’ come with their own terms and conditions so be sure to read them up.

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