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    Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.2 Brings The Climax Of The Penacony Adventure

    Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.2 – “Then Wake to Weep” will be arriving on 8 May and will be the climax of the adventures at Penacony. Debuting with this update will be the enigmatic duo of Robin and Boothill as playable characters.

    Ever since Acheron cut through the Clock Studios Theme Park giant screen, a sense of unease has lingered. It seems that beneath the facade of safety maintained by The Family, there lies hidden secrets and threats. Additionally, in Version 2.2, players will encounter another special opponent: “Harmonious Choir” The Great Septimus, poised to deliver a remarkable performance at the Charmony Festival. The Astral Express Crew members, including Trailblazer’s fantastic new hat, will be gearing up to conclude their adventure in Penacony.

    In the continuation of the main storyline, Trailblazers will be introduced to several new Dreamscapes and unveil The Family’s secrets. Starting with Dreamflux Reef, this location is in stark contrast to the previous Penaconian fantasies. While many details about this barren location are still unknown, one thing is certain – accessing this distinct domain will require certain methods and resources. Moreover, while venturing into this new domain, Trailblazers will reunite with some unexpected friends.

    Meanwhile, as the Charmony Festival nears, attendees from across the Cosmos eagerly await the festivities. Among the highlights is the Festivity Auditions, sponsored by SoulGlad™, set to amplify the excitement. This vibrant event unfolds in the festive Moment of Scorchsand, promising a grand spectacle for everyone in attendance. In Version 2.2, Trailblazers will collaborate with their companions to take part in auditions, vying for the title of Festive Superstar.

    Advancing through each audition stage will grant Trailblazers the opportunity to enter the Penacony Grand Theater, the centrepiece of the Charmony Festival. Its unparalleled grandeur and opulence draw tens of thousands of eager spectators to witness Robin’s performance.

    In conversations about the Charmony Festival, there’s no doubt that Miss Robin shines as one of its leading figures. Originating from Penacony, this Halovian songstress is renowned for her captivating beauty and exceptional talent. Fans from across the universe have eagerly anticipated the arrival of this illustrious 5-star character. With her elegance and grace, she has ascended to cosmic fame. Through the power of Harmony, her music resonates not only with her fans but also with beings of all kinds. During combat, Robin seamlessly weaves her melodies, providing invaluable support and buffs to all allies. When she unleashes her Ultimate, Robin belts out a morale-boosting number and enters a performative state. In this state, all allies gain the ability to act once more immediately, accompanied by enhanced buffs. Moreover, while her Ultimate is active, Robin inflicts additional damage upon the enemy after each ally attack. Notably, she remains impervious to Crowd Control debuffs throughout.

    Furthermore, Boothill the 5-star character will also join the Trailblazer. He is a cyborg cowboy exploring the cosmic frontier. Brimming with optimism and untamed spirit, he’s a Galaxy Ranger committed to punishing the wicked by any means necessary. His flamboyant and daring actions are fueled by one goal: to capture the attention of the Interastral Peace Corporation, the target of his vengeance. Boothill has a unique combat philosophy where he engages in duels with a single enemy. During the duel, Boothill taunts the enemy, and both parties to the duel suffer increased damage from each other. When Boothill unleashes his Ultimate, he not only inflicts Physical Weakness on his target but also deals significant damage and postpones their actions. This cinematic Ultimate vividly illustrates the formidable might of the Galaxy Ranger.

    Meanwhile, in 2.2’s Warp Event, players can also re-acquire the limited 5-star characters Topaz & Numby and the esteemed Master Diviner Fu Xuan. They will fight alongside the Trailblazers to face various challenges in Penacony.

    Furthermore, to celebrate the game’s first anniversary, the Honkai: Star Rail Concert will be globally livestreamed on May 1, 2024, at 7:05 p.m. (UTC+8). Trailblazers are invited to join in the magical moments of the past year’s galactic journey through enchanting music on Honkai: Star Rail’s official YouTube Channel. Additionally, Miss Robin’s highly anticipated album is on the horizon, featuring her hit song “If I Can Stop One Heart From Breaking.”

    Honkai: Star Rail is now available on PC, iOS, Android, Epic Games Store, and PS5 with Version 2.2 update coming on 8 May 2024.

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