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    Lead a troubleshooting team in the darkly humorous CRPG, Paranoia: Happiness Is Mandatory

    Be a good citizen or die trying, Paranoia: Happiness Is Mandatoryis published by Bigben Interactive together with developers Black Shamrock and Cyanide Studio. Humanity is controlled by a giant eyeball called Friend Computer. Each citizen is required to take the happy pills prescribed to everyone to keep them pacified without ever questioning or trying to gain access to information beyond their clearance. Have a look at the developer’s diary revealed at Gamescom 2019.


    Gameplay Video with a full Mission Walkthrough and Impressions below provided courtesy of Rock Paper Shotgun:

    It reminds me vividly of Fallout 1 and 2 but in reversed roles

    Instead of the rebellious citizen, you are the most loyal subject upholding the very law in the refuge. Well be paranoid, traitors are everywhere; identify them and report them or eliminate them. But you are not alone, as you lead a team of Troubleshooters with RED security clearance. Find any trouble and shoot it down. Friend Computer will check on your every move, be it rewarding you for your heroic deed or punishing you for treasonable acts.

    Key Citizen Features

    • Explore the retro-futuristic side of the refuge.
    • Create and lead a team of 4 Troubleshooters.
    • 16 available skills for your specializations.
    • Unique character progression through cloning.
    • Embrace real-time tactical combat with the active menu on pause.
    • Mini robots will attempt to loot your enemy dead bodies, try to loot before them or shoot them but bear an increase of treason level by the Friend Computer.
    • Faced unique enemies from malfunctioning robots, drink dispensers and defective clones.

    The troubleshooting starts on October 3rd, 2019 for PC, followed up later by Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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