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    Jump Force- Supercuts a 2nd Gameplay Trailer


    When I saw the first trailer (E3 2018) , I wasn’t convince, then I saw the 2nd trailer this time around, I am converted.

    Diving back into this 2nd amazing trailer, you get to see more moves in this crossover:

    • Environment attacks ( potential kick out from the ring/ or throw out to the gas tank)
    • More faster, fluid movements than the first trailer
    • More environment attack ( you see Goku scrapping off the building glass while kicking Frieza?)
    • 3 man tag team instantly change (no time to breathe)/ follow up combo change
    • Blocking seems to have so much impact upon success (potential perfectly timed mechanics)
    • Pixels flying after every hit like damn.. better than fireworks, looks explosive
    • Slowmo punch to the face (kachaaaa)
    • Dodge/parry perfectly enables you to teleport behind which may slow down time for a counter
    • Potential double supers initiation for tag team (however, enemy seems to be able to dodge it with correct timing)


    Additional new character confirmed so far: Ichigo Kurosaki, Rukia and Sosuke Aizen from Bleach
    Recent announcements only shows a few screenshots as per below:

    ichigo and rukia
    I m coming for you!
    Zoro allow me to show you my moves~
    Zoro says “Nani?”
    Eat my Ulti, Zoro!
    Getsuga Tensho!!


    A New Challenger, Sosuke Aizen!


    An Epic Clash!


    Fun Fact: Did you know the Bleach movie has recently come out in Japan? (Produced by Warner Bros), on 20 July, 2018. Subtitled versions will be released soon!

    Will this is be yay or nay? Lets watch and decide


    Jump Force to be released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in 2019.

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