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    Prey : Mooncrash gets 2nd free update within the month of July

    Almost two weeks ago, we reported on Bethesda’s Prey : Mooncrash receiving a free update. Fast forward to now, barely 2 weeks later, Bethesda releases yet another free update for the game called Blue Moon. Here is the video on the update and the list of new items.

    • Kasma Silenced Pistol
    • Kasma Psychostatic Cutter
    • Kasma Huntress Boltcaster
    • Kasma Disruptor Stun Gu
    • Wolfenstein Theme Operator
    • The Elder Scrolls Online Theme Operator
    • Bucket Mimic
    • Propeller Mimic

    As you can see above, the items are crossed over from the Elder Scrolls and Wolfenstein games. The Blue Moon update is free for anyone who purchased the Prey : Mooncrash expansion. Unfortunately, the much-anticipated PvP mode called Typhon Hunter is still in the workings and no news on it’s release yet.

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