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    GUNDAM BREAKER 4 Open Network Test Invites Console Players To Break, Build And Battle With Friends Beginning July 18th

    GUNDAM fans recognize the series and their love of Gunpla is emblematic of themes such as freedom, friendship, and a love of tinkering with and building giant mecha.

    Beginning July 18th, with the GUNDAM BREAKER game series celebrating its 11th anniversary, those themes thrive as consoler players around the world will get a chance to test GUNDAM BREAKER 4.

    Bandai Namco Entertainment will host a console Open Network Test for the game July 18th to 20th, on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4.

    The title will release on these platforms and PC via Steam on August 29th. For more information including details on the ONT, visit the game’s official website.

    The Open Network Test lets console players try their hand at GUNDAM BREAKER 4, the first numbered entry in the series coming to the West. They can assemble magnificent Gunpla creations from 20+ Mobile Suits, getting a taste of the 250+ base suits that will be available in the full game at launch.

    They can then bring those creations to life, joining their friends and other players in multiplayer battles with 3-player co-op to overcome waves of enemy Gunpla, including giant boss mechas.

    As they defeat enemies, players collect parts to make bigger and better Mobile Suits. The ONT will also include a series-first where players will be able to use their Gunpla creations as their avatar in the multiplayer lobby, where players can interact and show off before launching into co-op battle.

    The GUNDAM BREAKER 4 ONT sessions are scheduled as follows:

    • July 17, 9 p.m. PDT: Pre-download begins for PlayStation and Nintendo Switch consoles
    • July 18, 5 p.m. PDT – 10 p.m. PDT: ONT available
    • July 18, 10 p.m. PDT: 4-hour Maintenance; ONT unavailable
    • July 19, 2 a.m. PDT – 7 a.m. PDT: ONT available
    • July 19, 7 p.m. PDT – July 20, 11 p.m. PDT: ONT available

    About the game

    GUNDAM BREAKER 4, the legendary hack-and-slash action and model building game, takes place in a not-to-distant future where hobbyist builders use simulations to create custom suits and fight them in virtual battles.

    Players collect loot by breaking off pieces during combat, then use those pieces to build new, more powerful hybrid creations using the game’s customization options to take on more difficult challenges.

    The series will let players customize their Gunpla with more than 250 base kits, parts that can be acquired by defeating enemies and fighting battles that will feature Gunpla of different grades.

    The game introduces an all-new feature to the series, where players will be able to use two different weapons for unique combos in their quest for the best parts to build the perfect Gunpla.

    In between battles, players get access to the deepest customization options yet in the franchise’s history.

    A robust mecha garage n lets players customize their creations with new parts as well as paint, decals, and weathering to make the ultimate mecha expression for GUNDAM fans.

    An all-new feature in the game, Diorama Mode, lets players construct elaborate scenarios with a variety of backgrounds, environmental elements, and special effects, and place and pose their Gunpla creations as highly articulable models to create memorable scenes.

    For the first time in the series, the game will feature English VO in addition to the original Japanese VO.

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