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    Honkai Impact 3rd Releases V5.4 With A Post-Honkai Odyssey Chapter 2 On January 13th

    miHoYo has announced that v5.4 [Silverwing: Beyond], will be arriving in Honkai Impact 3rd with a Post-Honkai Odyssey Chapter 2 on 13 January. A cool adult Bronya will be joining players’ adventures packed with fresh discoveries and epic fights. There will also be a spring event that will give players tons of bonuses.

    Refined, dependable, and a bit frosty, the 8-year-older Bronya sports hi-tech gear and an asymmetrical dress that speaks for her composed leadership. As the first ranged character in A Post-Honkai Odyssey Chapter 2, her gun-and-sword moveset makes her extra versatile. Her unique toggle-on scope allows her to snipe weak spots, enriching the combat system with air-to-ground and ground-to-air elements. Her new S-rank BIO-type Ice elemental DPS battlesuit [Silverwing: N-EX] will also board Hyperion in the upcoming v5.4.

    In A Post-Honkai Odyssey Chapter 2, after Bronya led Squad 2 to save the protagonist, they landed in a submerged city called False Bay by accident. To make their way back to St. Fountain, they began exploring to orient themselves. All squad members will be equipped with a new supportive gear called Moon Ring that accrues energy in combat. The addition of grappling hooks and cables exploits the three-dimensional structures and gives players the freedom to explore. For instance, players can use a grappling hook to mount a monster to attack enemies or access hard-to-reach places. New dungeons called Stargates will be accessible to every player, where they can freely run, solve puzzles, and even overturn rooms to reach every corner for chests and objectives. Playing the event of A Post-Honkai Odyssey Chapter 2 will yield umpteen items, including a stigma recommended for [Silverwing: N-EX]!

    The v5.4 update contains Chapter 28 [Beyond Will] as well. Otto has taken over the god’s powers, and what ace will he play? New activity [Interstice], Umbral Rose’s new outfit [Valkyrie Dawn], and Miss Pink ELF’s first outfit [Miss Pink♪] will also be released in tandem. The upcoming spring event will give back to players in the form of an exclusive frame, tons of Crystals, and other surprises! Have fun and get rewarded!

    Honkai Impact 3rd v5.4 [Silverwing: Beyond] will be released on iOS, Android, and PC on 13 January 2022.

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