Home News Get Me Outta Here is heading to Nintendo Switch in 2019!

    Get Me Outta Here is heading to Nintendo Switch in 2019!

    Get Me Outta Here, a Nintendo Switch exclusive developed by Rossman Bros Games and published by the indie game publisher QubicGames S.A., is coming later this year.

    Players have to get ready to fight your way through the alien abduction nightmare in this retro arena shooter. Play as a farmer abducted by aliens. How long could you hold up until help arrives by wearing just the hospital gown and boxer with an alien weapon while building up the high score? Retro enthusiasts will definitely love this game!

    Game Features
    • Strategic action-packed gameplay
    • Epic story, driven by hilarious dialogue
    • Insanely fun combo system for building high scores
    • Outrageous bosses, including your own farm animals!
    • Variety of enemies, power-ups, and game modifiers
    • 2 player co-op
    • Authentic retro gameplay and pixel art

    Kelvin is one of the many in our team who repeatedly ignores the advice to write his own bio. Left with no choice, his Editor had to write one for him. Kelvin is the Chinese William Shakespeare of video games, whatever he says or do is never straight to the point. You are in a furious gunfight with an enemy faction and you need more ammo, expect Kelvin to recite a poem or two first before finally realizing you are half-dead, surrounded, helpless, disappointed, the list can go on really. In his free time, he likes to play carefree games (Those games made for children above 2 years old but below 7). The Mr Philosopher of BunnyGaming.



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