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    Get Deals For The Sims 4 This Holiday Season

    For this holiday season, EA has announced that they will be providing a series of special deals for The Sims 4. It is never too late to pick up content for the game and receive the steepest discounts to date. Here are the full details of the deals.

    Take full advantage of the lowest prices of the season, including:

    • 55% off your favourite Expansion Packs
    • 30% off fun Game Packs
    • 30% off exciting Stuff Packs

    Additionally, Simmers can enjoy 25% off on The Sims 4‘s newest packs, such as:

    • High School Years Expansion Pack
    • Werewolves Game Pack
    • My Wedding Stories Game Pack

    Sales are only available for a limited time on certain platforms, running from:

    • 16 December until 2 January on Xbox
    • 21 December until 6 January on PlayStation 4
    • 22 December until 5 January on Steam
    • 22 December until 10 January on Origin
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