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    Gamescom 2018 – Blizzard

    Gamescom runs from August 21-25, 2018 in Cologne, Germany. Stay tuned as we update this post as soon as we learn anything new.

    Blizzard will have its own stage presentations on Gamescom 2018. The studio revealed that they will be showing new content for Overwatch and multiple “projects” for Diablo 3 which was mention by community manager Brandy Camel in early August.

    – Overwatch
    – World of Warcraft
    – StarCraft
    – Heroes of the Storm
    – Diablo


    – This post will be updated as we receive more updates-


    What is the Gamescom?

    To those who didn’t know, Gamescom is a Convention for Video Games that is held annually at Cologne, Germany. As a game fair, Gamescom is the second largest event of its kind, only behind the Asia Game Show. Gamescom started in 2009 and this year would be the 9th year since its foundation. Video Game developers/publishers use Gamescom as one of the platforms to exhibit their upcoming video games or hardware.

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