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    FPS Shooter ‘RICO: Breakout’ DLC Now Available!

    Developer Ground Shatter and publisher Rising Star Games released a new Breakout downloadable content for cop buddy FPS RICO on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam for $4.99 / €4.99/ 21.32 MYR.

    Below description is provided by Rising Star Games:

    In RICO: Breakout players must battle against a dangerous and unpredictable set of enemies that broke out of the San Amaro prison, bringing chaos to the area. With a city-wide curfew in place, it’s up to the RICO team to bring peace and order back to the city. RICO: Breakout introduces a brand-new environment with a set of new and highly effective weapons for players to use.

    Breakout Features

    • New Weapons
      • G-18 – Fully automatic pistol
      • USG45 – High calibre submachine gun
      • K36 – Short-barrel special forces rifle
    • New Level
      • A new lockdown level sees the player trapped in the San Amaro prison facing down the escaped prisoners trying to take them out.

    Launching alongside the new Breakout DLC is a free update on all platforms that introduces a highly requested in-game soundtrack for RICO. Players will experience seven brand-new music tracks that will underscore the game’s intense action.

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