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    Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories featuring the ‘Choices’ trailer

    Publisher NIS America recently released a trailer featuring the choices players make during their gameplay in Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories. Other than the 20 DLC costumes, the game emphasizes that the choices you make will not only affect you but the others around you as well; rippling small choices into life-changing events.



    Details below are provided by NIS America:

    When a massive earthquake strikes your city, you find yourself at the epicenter of a chaotic and catastrophic crisis. It is up to you to rise above the calamity, collect your thoughts and fellow survivors, and outlast the disaster. Aftershocks, fire, falling buildings, and unstable ground are but a few of the threats you will face in these nightmarish circumstances. What will you do when every passing second and every snap decision could spell the difference between life and death?

    Key Features:

    • Your World Aflame – When society is on the verge of collapse, you’ll need to make split-second decisions that will impact your own safety as well as that of others.
    • Everybody’s Got A Story – Meet your fellow survivors and see how the human spirit bends and sometimes breaks in a Japanese-inspired city devastated by an earthquake.
    • Danger Around Every Corner – Navigate a multitude of crises—from collapsing buildings to raging fires—in city aplomb with peril.

    The game will be coming to multiple consoles such as PC, Switch and PlayStation 4 on April 7th in North America and Europe.

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