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    Fights in Tight Spaces Is Available Now!

    Fights in Tight Spaces is out now on Steam, Epic, GoG, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S! as announced by developer Ground Shatter and publisher Mode 7. Check out the launch trailer below:

    Source: Mode 7

    Game details and features as shared on Steam:

    Fights in Tight Spaces blends deck-building, turn-based tactics, and thrilling animated fight sequences in classic action-movie settings. To defeat your adversaries, you must learn to balance your hand, momentum, and positioning.

    Choose from over 200 cards to build a deck that suits your playstyle and your opponents’. Encounter random events, acquire enhancements (or injuries) and make critical choices about how best to upgrade your agent for the fights ahead.

    • Control the Space: Use the environment against your adversaries
    • Train your Abilities: Build a deck to suit your play style, upgrade your moves, and equip your agent with a range of enhancements
    • Protect High-Value-Targets: Use your skills and abilities as you act as bodyguard to VIPs
    • Endless Threats: Play a new mission each time, evolve your tactics, unlock new possibilities, and perfect your strategy to defeat the criminal underworld
    • Prove your Worth: Embark on a daily mission and compare your scores to other players on the online leaderboard.

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