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    32 player Bullet League blasts its way onto iOS and Android

    Seasoned mobile game developer Funday Factory challenges all-comers to prove their worth on the field of battle as its latest title Bullet League is now available as a free download on iOS and Android. Pitting 32 players against each other in fast-paced multiplayer action, Bullet League gives mobile players a unique battle royale experience with a 2D platformer twist. The game launches with three game modes, eight weapons, and an expansive map with six biomes for players to navigate – plus loads more future updates in the pipeline.


    To emerge victorious in Bullet League, players need to fight their way across six environments spread across a fantastical island while gathering weapons and resources to survive and win. Mastering the map is vital, as discovering the best way to get the drop on your opponents will be what sets the veterans apart from the novices. Construction also plays a part – allowing competitors to build greater defences, evade obstacles and escape danger. All of this needs to be done at speed as ‘The Grid’ closes in, narrowing the playing field and ensuring an epic showdown that leaves only one person standing victorious.

    Eight varieties of guns ensure a plentiful supply of tactics & explosions and upgrading weapons between rounds gives them different properties to suit every play style. This fuels the gravity-defying gunplay as players navigate the platforms and utilise the tactical potential of the battleground to out-run and out-gun their opponents. Victorious players can feast upon the spoils of war that range from customisation options to new character skins including ‘Gunnar the Viking’ and ‘Master Fang’.

    Free-to-play and optimised for 4G connections, Bullet League currently offers three game modes for multiplayer fun on the go. Jump in and take on the World in a free-for-all, as a solo player or in a squad or create a ‘Friendly Brawl’ by forming a closed lobby with friends. There is also stat tracking and daily missions to undertake, giving players unlimited chances to advance up the leaderboard and dominate the World.


    • Real-time multiplayer, designed specifically for mobile

    • Fluid gunplay and tactical platforming action

    • Explosive visual effects and wide-range of weaponry to utilise

    • Beautiful and unique 2.5D art style and humorous character design

    • Large and diverse level design to search and survive

    • Solo, Friend Brawl and Squad-based combat game modes available

    Players can download Bullet League now, for free, from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The game is currently available worldwide excluding the Middle East, where it’s expected to launch later in the year.

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