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    Fire Emblem Engage – Welcomes Somniel, Players

    Intelligent Systems and publisher Nintendo takes players to a six-minute trailer walking them through a new hub location called Somniel, home away from home in the Fire Emblem Engage. A base of operations located in the sky above the continent of Elyos that hosts a variety of facilities and activities for the player to prepare for upcoming battles and strengthen bonds.

    Other than a hub to talk with your allies and deepen bonds – Prepare and stock up for battle via armory and item shop in the Plaza as well as garnering skills and bond rings in the Ring Chamber for skills to be used in battle. Practice combat skills in the Arena or confidently take on a series of battles in the Tower Of Trials – earning in-game rewards in the process while creating and sharing battle maps with other players. Added on activities such as training yard to temporarily boost stats via exercising minigames ( like squats and push-ups), fishing, fortunetelling, and farmyard to gather animals to their furr-ever home with possible rewards by them.

    Fire Emblem Engage will be coming to Nintendo Switch on January 20th, 2023.


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