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    Naraka: Bladepoint – Feria Shen Coming This Dec 22 On Xbox

    NARAKA: BLADEPOINT welcomes its latest playable hero, Feria Shen, as well as the game’s official launch on Xbox One. Announced during the action-packed NARAKA FEST 2022, both will arrive on December 22nd, just in time for a trio of winter-themed events.

    Feria Shen is the thirteenth hero to join NARAKA’s cast of characters, making her debut with a new cinematic teaser and gameplay showcase. Instead of swords and sorcery, Feria Shen favours a more high-tech approach, gunning down opponents as she strides into battle with a giant mech aptly named “Trouble”.

    The developers at 24 Entertainment have also been working hard to bring their flagship online game to more players. From December 22nd, Xbox One users can join the fight alongside those already playing on Xbox Series X|S. Both versions will be available via Xbox Game Pass.

    Over the holiday season, there will be plenty of festive fighting fun. Wishing its fans a “Melee Christmas” NARAKA: BLADEPOINT will host a series of winter events starting with the Snowy Ruins Challenge, offering exclusive rewards for those who find the hidden maze location and vanquish the Snow Lord.

    Until January 6, players will also find Gingerbread scattered throughout the battlefield which can be exchanged for legendary prizes. Finally, to ring in the new year, there will be special login rewards up for grabs. More information on these events can be found via the game’s official website.


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