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    ESL | PlayStation®Plus Community Tournament : FIFA 17

    Sony’s PlayStation Plus is co-organizing with ESL Gaming to bring you the “PlayStation Plus Community Tournament” featuring FIFA 17 as the game of the event. The winner will walk away with a PlayStation Virtual Reality! There are also some PSN Cards to be won so what are you waiting for? Oh wait, in order to join this tournament you must fulfill the following :-

    • You must be at least 6 years old . 1 year too young to start primary 1 at school but never too young to join a FIFA Tournament. You must be at least 6 (SIX) Years old to join! But Sony also said you must be above 12 to use the PSVR, LMFAO . Just imagine if a 6 year old won the tournament but finds out he can only use the VR 6 years later. I feel so bad for pointing this out and laughing… why Sony?
    • You must have “Residence” in one of the following countries. Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia or Korea.
    • You must have an active PS Plus Subscription.

    Note: For some reason, the time stated for the tournament on Sony’s website is 17 June 2017, 2pm to 6pm (GMT+8) but the ESL Gaming site mentioned 11.45am for Check-In and Starting Time at 12.00pm. I strongly advise participants to clarify with the organizer on this matter.

    This is why I have trust issues. Does anyone notice anything unusual at all? This shot was was supposed to promote the PlayStation 4 and FIFA 17 but apparently the crew were too focused on her they forgot to turn on the DS4 first. That TV screen is probably showing a screen shot. Noobs.

    But luckily for you, the rules and format of the game makes more sense than the condition to join the tournament and the photo above. Here is the game settings for the tournament. I took it straight from ESL’s website.

    • Half Time: 6 minutes
    • Controls: Any
    • Game Speed: Normal
    • Squad Type: Online
    • If draw => Golden Goal (Jeng jeng jeng) <- I added this part myself

    Here is how you’d be starting your matches.

    1. Add opponent to friends list (You may unfriend him/her later if you get your ass kicked too badly)
    2. Start FIFA (Never hurt to wear your favorite football jersey before starting FIFA)
    3. Go to the online tab and select ‘Online Friendlies’ (Friendlies, of course, lets be friends)
    4. Invite your opponent with the correct settings [see game settings] (This part is serious, don’t mess up!)
    5. Start the match (Game on, good luck and have fun. I hope you win)

    Sounds fun eh ? Here is how you can participate. Watch this video.

    Or for some reasons that you cannot watch that video (Office blocked YouTube, You are running on Data Savings mode, You prefer images over videos, etc). Here are some Screen Shots I took from my PS4, just for you. I’m sweet right? I know.

    First, go to the Event section on your PS home screen. Most of you have never been here so if its your first time, Welcome to Events!
    Second, go to Tournaments. You should be able to see this, if you can’t then your PSN is probably not R3’s. Well tough luck!
    Third, register yourself!
    Fourth, this screen will come out. Just sign in :3


    Fifth. This is as far as I went since I’m not joining the Tournament. I am assuming you should click on the create account… or log in…or use that URL Box up there to google for whats next.. I sincerely have no idea. Anyway…. Good Luck.
    See? I wasn’t Kidding. You would get a PSVR if you win this tournament. And LOOK, Minimum Age : 6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    The Editor-Mischief, or if according to the signature in his email, 'in-chief', of Loves complaining about FIFA games but still buys them every year nonetheless. Prefer subs over dubs. Got his ass kicked in Bloodborne and swore never to play it again.

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