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    Worth It – January PS Plus Games Includes Plague Tale: Requiem, Evil West, & Nobody Saves the World

    What a start to a new year with a few games that are worth mentioning that are coming our way into January’s PlayStation Plus Monthly Games library.

    While we rarely cover these segments, these games are an absolute must-have in any gamer’s collection, offering an amazing addition to your playtime and value in dime to your subscription. Here’s us wishing you guys a Happy New Year.

    A Plague Tale: Requiem

    Embarking on a journey in 14th-century France, brave the narrative depths with expanded gameplay and extra freedom to players within a more open perilous world environment.

    Utilizing Amicia’s new tools, like alchemy and a crossbow but also her cunning use of terrain as she braves the vibrant Mediterranean setting with stunning visuals of a new level of realism and immersion.

    Evil West

    Bring in the heat under third-person action as one of the last agents in a top-secret vampire-hunting institute. Be the final line of humanity and a deep-rooted terror as you unleash hell with explosive combat, unleash hell with your firearms, lightning-fueled gauntlet, and gadgets.

    For more of our past reviews relating to this game, check out this link.

    Nobody Saves the World

    Enter into a top-down fun and funny Action RPG with Online AND Local Co-op, in which you play many different character Forms, each with its unique gameplay mechanics.

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