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    Destiny 2 Beta Dates, Release Dates & Updates

    Destiny 2’s beta dates have been confirmed. Publisher Activision announced on its blog that preorder customers will be able to play the beta on PlayStation 4 starting July 18, and on Xbox One beginning July 19. The beta opens for all players on July 21. The beta will end on July 23. The company also stated that a PC beta is planned for late August, with more details coming “soon.” The Destiny 2 console release date has been moved forward, now launching on September 6, while the PC version will launch on October 24.

    The good people from Nvidia also released the new gameplay trailer of Destiny 2’s homecoming mission on 4K and 60FPS for PC. (Damn, it looks really good). Check out the video below. (drools…)

    One of the biggest additions coming to Destiny 2 is the Guided Games system, which will essentially act as a form of matchmaking for Raids and Nightfall Strikes. Today, however, game director Luke Smith revealed that Guided Games will be restricted to normal-difficulty activities. (Say, what!??)

    In a conversation on Kotaku’s E3 2017 podcast, Smith confirmed that Heroic-level Raids and Nightfall Strikes will still require players to have their own groups to play with. “I don’t know exactly how the Challenge Mode layers are going to work [with Guided Games], but the normal-tier activities will be Guided Games, and the Heroics will be find-your-own. (Boooooo!!!)

    Furthermore, Nvidia announced that until June 27, 2017, purchases of select GeForce GTX 1080 Ti and GeForce GTX 1080 graphics cards, systems or laptops at participating partners will get you a copy of Destiny 2 at PC launch. And what’s more, this bundle will give you early access to the much-anticipated Destiny 2 PC Beta that’ll be available before the game’s PC release. (*breaking the piggybank*)

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