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    Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Review

    Developed by: Bungie Published by: Bungie Platforms: PS4 / Xbox One / PC Reviewed On: PS4PRO  Shadowkeep is the first standalone DLC that is published by Bungie after...

    Upcoming games coming to Google Stadia as of Gamescom 2019

    Cloud gaming is really rocketing forward in 2019 with Google becoming the major leader in this category. The equal amount of potential, hurdles and...

    Destiny 2 Beta Dates, Release Dates & Updates

    Destiny 2's beta dates have been confirmed. Publisher Activision announced on its blog that preorder customers will be able to play the beta on...

    Destiny 2 Thoughts, Hype and Concerns

    The recent reveal of Destiny 2 have caused a certain amount of unrest in our Destiny community. Some of these were addressed by Bungie at...


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