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    Celebrity Zizan Razak Returns As Free Fire Brand Ambassador This Ramadan

    Garena is happy to announce that its mobile game Free Fire will be collaborating again with the beloved Malaysian celebrity Zizan Razak as part of the newly unveiled campaign “Free Fire Untuk Semua” which launched on 18 April. The event will tie in with Free Fire’s Ramadan Event which is currently running until 8 May 2022.

    Return of the fan favourite Zizan Razak as Free Fire’s brand ambassador

    Local Survivors can welcome Zizan Razak’s return as Free Fire Malaysia’s brand ambassador, once again taking the spotlight as the main character in the game’s local campaign film. The actor-singer-comedian, who starred in Abang Long Fadil and Polis Evo, was also the brand’s first-ever local ambassador in 2021.

    This collaboration is part of the overarching “Free Fire Untuk Semua” campaign, which aims to foster a supportive local community for all Free Fire players in Malaysia. The campaign is set to run for 5 months from April to August. Zizan Razak also alludes to upcoming collaborations in his video announcement, commenting that there will be more events under the campaign “involving famous faces”.

    Local ambassador, Zizan Razak, shared his thoughts about the campaign, “The message behind this year’s Ramadhan campaign ties in with the concept of Untuk Semua, which is about bringing together players from all walks of life through a shared experience with Free Fire. The idea of bringing people together and unity in the local community is something I resonate with, and also seek to do through my own work, be it comedy or cinema,” he said. “I am excited to work with Free Fire again this year and look forward to seeing Free Fire players and Malaysians alike enjoying the campaign!”

    As part of the campaign, Survivors and fans can also look forward to a chance to play Free Fire with the local celebrity on 23 April, at 6 PM. The stream will feature gameplay tips, a variety of games, and even a giveaway including a postcard signed by Zizan Razak himself! Participating in community events and in-game activities, such as the Free Fire Untuk Semua Adventure game, will also give Survivors another chance at snagging the collaboration-specific merchandise.

    Uphold the spirit of unity with Free Fire Ramadhan- themed events!

    Players can look forward to partaking in exciting activities and earning highly sought-after rewards this Ramadhan period! This year’s events will feature two key dates – Raya Galore Day on 23 April and Hari Raya on 3 May.

    The string of Ramadhan activities will first kick off with the “Gather the Dates” aftermatch drop, a time-limited event that will take place from 7 PM to 7 AM daily, during the berbuka puasa period. Throughout the event, Survivors can also collect “Duit Raya” packets, which can be redeemed for Ramadhan-themed items such as the Blooming Falco pet skin, along with the Falco pet itself!

    Accompanying this event is a series of “Berbuka Puasa” livestreams occurring at the same time from 18 to 23 April, where the Free Fire community can gather and break fast together while enjoying a few rounds of custom room matches.

    Come Raya Galore Day on 23 April and Hari Raya on 3 May, Survivors will also be treated to various login bonuses and missions where they will be able to collect more themed prizes such as unique collectables and an emote that will only be up for grabs on the two very special days. The elusive Magic Cube will also be available exclusively on Raya Day.

    Developed and published globally by Garena, Free Fire has prepared a slew of exciting activities for its local community of players, also known as Survivors in the game, for the month of fasting. The collaboration with Zizan Razak and Free Fire’s broader Ramadhan events are part of Garena’s commitment to delivering localised content that would resonate with the Free Fire community in Malaysia.

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