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    Celebrate 3 Years Of Apex Legends With The Anniversary Collection Event

    With Apex Legends: Defiance out this week, the celebration continues with the Third Anniversary Collection Event. Starting February 15 and running through March 1, the event will feature new Squad Skins, a community-made reward tracker, the debut of Prestige Skins and more.

    A detailed breakdown of all the upcoming content can be found below:

    • Reward Tracker – This year’s anniversary prize tracker is ​​community-made! The tracker is filled with 12 community-created cosmetics and more, and totals to 24 event-limited skins that players can earn during the event.

    • New Bloodhound Prestige Skin – Prestige Skins are a new rarity level cosmetic Legend skins that each have 3 tiers (3 versions total of the Prestige Skin). Upon unlocking Tier 1, players will be able to complete challenges to unlock Tier 2 and Tier 3 at no additional cost. Players will have an unlimited amount of time to complete these challenges once available.

    • Legendary Squad Sets – Players will have the opportunity to purchase Legendary Squad Skins that are themed based on some fan favourites from the past, including inspiration from Crypto’s “Hypebeast”, Caustic’s “Blackheart”, skins, and more.

    • Event Store – Check out the Event Store to discover the various special offers that will be available throughout the Collection Event.

    For more details on the Apex Legends Third Anniversary Collection Event, check out the blog post here:

    For more news about Apex Legends, check out the game’s official Twitter, Instagram, YouTube pages or visit for the latest updates.

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