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    Morbid Metal Presents The Steam Page Trailer

    Developer Felix Schade shows off more action in the Action Rogue-lite, Morbid Metal as players can shapeshift into four unique characters to slaughter enemies with powerful combos. Honestly, this looks promising and cool as Morbid Metal integrates cyberpunk aesthetics with Devil May Cry gameplay.

    Source: PHO3LIX

    Game details ass shared on Steam:

    Morbid Metal is an action-packed rogue-lite, in which players can shapeshift between 4 different characters in real-time, all with unique active abilities and stylish attacks. Rapidly switch characters and combine abilities to slaughter enemies in a stylish fashion.

    Players progress through stunning, semi-procedurally generated levels, fighting through hordes of enemies and powerful bosses in various environmental biomes, ranging from desolate wastelands of the far future to the overgrown ruins of mankind.

    Unlock new playable characters by defeating bosses and form your team of up to 4 characters before starting a run.

    Core Features

    • Action-packed combat
    • Realtime shapeshifting
    • Stylish combos
    • Next-Gen graphics
    • Diverse environments
    • Semi-procedurally generated levels
    • Run-based rogue-lite gameplay
    • Unique and satisfying Upgrades
    • Permanent upgrades and character unlocks
    • Perma-Death
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