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    Designated Demigod Plays A 2D Gameplay in 3D Environments | Reveal Trailer

    Developer AN Productions and publisher Armor Games Studios reveal a combo RPG where you and your pup piece together flashy combos to dismantle a plethora of enemies as 2D characters pummeling enemies in a 3D environment.

    Details as shared via Steam:
    A World Held Captive

    The Mountain Research Center has closed down regional travel for safety concerns, but some have their doubts. Journey through lush forests, forgotten tunnels, a magical island, and even the research center itself as you uncover the dark chain of events that have set everything into motion.

    A Conflict Amongst Gods

    A volcanic explosion masks a much more sinister problem: The reawakening of a Mountain God with an axe to grind. Join forces with other fallen gods and washed-up warriors as you take on the burden of being the only one who can face an indestructible foe.

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