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    PC Game Developer Set To Inspire More Succulent Food Heroes, Reveals First Trailer For New Game

    Visionaries has revealed the first trailer for Business Heroes: Food Truck Simulation, which will be coming soon to PC via Steam, as they celebrate World Food Day with the FAO and the world. With the trailer reveal, the developer joins governments, businesses, and NGOs, to promote fair, sustainable, and inclusive collaboration along our food systems from farm to table.

    Business Heroes: Food Truck Simulation is a delicious food business management PC game that delivers the joys of growing your own burger truck business in a world created by Master Lee. Dive into the shoes of an ambitious food truck entrepreneur and expand your food truck empire while meeting the secret requirements of Master Lee, the world’s wealthiest entrepreneur now in search of a successor.

    “In line with this year’s World Food Day theme, the game promotes the concept of a business hero – a food entrepreneur who is also concerned about their business’s social and environmental impact alongside profits.”

    Kunal Oogorah – Founder of Visionaries and Game Designer

    The game, slated for Early Access release on Steam in 2022, will include an ecological (plant based) gameplay mode that addresses important nutrition and environmental concerns and a multiplayer/1v1 matchmaking mode.

    “We chose the food truck business model for the game because its minimal start-up costs and flexibility makes it more accessible for food entrepreneurs compared to traditional restaurants or franchises.”

    Kunal Oogorah – Founder of Visionaries and Game Designer

    While Visionaries continue to deal with the widespread effects of the global Covid-19 pandemic, the game also hints at the crucial role food trucks played during the height of the pandemic when they became an alternative to closed and takeout-only restaurants.

    Game Features

    • “Easy to learn, hard to master” gameplay inspired by real-world business and marketing strategy
    • Experience unique business challenges in over 12 capital cities of the world based on varying weather conditions, GDP figures, and raw material prices.
    • Do business in the real-life currency of the city you are playing in and enjoy realistic price simulation
    • Upgrade your equipment and food trucks to serve and satisfy more customers
    • Expand your business to 7 Localities within each City
    • Target more profitable customers with a market segmentation strategy
    • Face and overcome simulated economic conditions that will test your business acumen
    • Track your cashflow with a detailed financial reporting system
    • Pit your strategic thinking against family and friends in multiplayer/1 v 1 matchmaking mode

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