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    Arknights Launches 2022 Thank You Celebration With New Side Story ‘Near Light’

    The strategic mobile RPG Arknights launches its 2022 Thank You Celebration with a brand new side story event ‘Near Light’. In the latest storyline, Nearl comes back to Kazimierz and takes part in the Major again. After contacting different forces in Kazimierz, Doctor will unveil a series of secrets in this city of neon. The update brings 7 new operators, log-in rewards, new series outfits, and a themed furniture set.

    About Near Light
    ‘Near Light’ event runs from April 28th, 2022, 10:00 to May 26th, 2022, 3:59 (UTC-7). This episode follows Maria Nearl’s side story. After returning to Kazimierz, Margaret Nearl re-enters the Major, and endeavors to combat the corruption of Kazimierz accordingly. Players will learn more about internal stories in Kazimierz, as well as more information about the Kazimierz Armorless Union in this event.

    Except for regular stages, the ‘Near Light’ event adds a unique mission system called ‘Your Desk’. Doctors can get prestige by completing requests from the main forces of Kazimierz. After reaching a certain level of prestige, new illustrations, stories, and special stages will be unlocked.

    2022 Thank-You Celebration & Event Rewards
    2022 Thank-You Celebration has prepared a series of events and rewards. From April 28th, 2022, 10:00 to May 12th, 2022, 03:59 (UTC-7), Doctors can jump into the game to access a free 10-roll headhunting permit and 14 free daily login pulls. Additionally, after daily logins, Doctors can get one trail to mine in Popping Valley Mining Area for Orundums. A Thank-You celebration login event will also be live. Players can sign in for 10 days to earn the following rewards: Justice Knight (1-star Sniper), Furniture Pieces, Top Emergency Sanity Potion, Originite Prime and Myrtle’s new outfit ‘Light Gold Celebration’.

    In addition, during the Near Light event, by clearing stages and redeeming from the event shop, Doctors can obtain a set of rewards including 5-star operator Wild Mane’s Tokens, furniture pieces, Headhunting Permits, elite materials, etc.

    New Operators
    Nearl the Radiant Knight
    Coming back to Kazimierz, Nearl the Radiant Knight is a 6-star Guard. Her third skill can summon a ‘Blazing Sun’, dealing True damage to nearby enemies and stunning them for a short period. Also, her talent enables her attacks to ignore 20% of an enemy’s defense.

    The leading role of Pinus Sylvestris has finally come to Rhodes Island as a 6-star Vanguard. Her third skill allows her to gain a certain percentage of both Physical and Arts Dodge. After dodging an attack, her next attack deals two hits and attacks all blocked enemies.


    Corroserum is a 5-star Blast Caster, sharing the same branch as Ifrit, who can deal AOE Arts damage in a long liner range. His second skill can silence the targets for a short period.

    Wild Mane
    As a 5-star Vanguard, Wild Mane is the bonus operator that can be obtained for free in the Near Light event. Her second skill expands her attack range and moderately pushes the target. After her first deployment, all undeployed Guard Operators’ deployment cost will be reduced by 1.

    Honeyberry is a new 5-star Wandering Medic who can heal Elemental Damage suffered by friendlies. The ranged operators within her attack range can gain increased Maximum HP. Doctors can redeem her at the Purchase Certificates Store after this update.

    As another operator is added to the Purchase Certificates Store, Pudding is a 4-star Chain Caster whose attacks deal arts damage and jump between enemies. Each jump deals less damage and inflicts a short Slow on targets.

    Justice Knight
    ‘Justice Knight’ is the bonus 1-star Sniper from the Thank-You Celebration login event. For a short period after deployment, all ranged allies within her attack range become less likely to be attacked and aerial enemies get a Fragile effect.

    New Arrivals in the Store
    The new EPOQUE Collection for Pallas, Poca and Andreana has arrived. At the same time, outfits from the same Collection for W, Texas, and Doberman will be available again at the store. Furthermore, 15 re-edition outfits are back in the store, including Wild Operation for Exusiai, Silent Night DN02 for Shining, Sunborn SS.SP for Ifrit, etc. A brand new set of themed furniture, ‘Kazimierz Broadcast Center’ will be on sale in the store as well.

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