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    AniManGaki 2020 Goes Online – Now Everyone Can Attend.

    For the past 11 years, the AniManGaki brand has solidified itself as one of the biggest animation, comics, and games convention in Malaysia. The organiser holds 2-3 different events each year to celebrate cultures within the Anime, Comic, and Games (ACG) communities, as well as providing a platform for aspiring local artists and talents to shine.

    From the smaller scale Arts, Cosplay and ETC (ACE), the medium-sized AMG-Chan, to the biggest of them all, the AniManGaki (AMG) itself, the organiser have always strived to provide a relevant platform for the right audience and exhibitor.

    Yoko Taro (R) and Taura Takahisa (L)

    In 2019, the organiser shifted the main AMG event to a larger venue capable of catering more ambitious plans and saw the appearance of the legendary game creator, Yoko Taro (Drakengard and NieR Series), and his partner-in-crime, Taura Takahisa (NieR Automata and Astral Chain) as notable panelists among several others.

    2020 was supposed to be the year where things get even bigger and better.

    But 2020 had other plans.

    The Covid-19 pandemic has pulled everybody’s pants down and hammered many upcoming events from coming to fruition, the AniManGaki franchise included. In March, the organiser was forced to postpone the smaller scale AniManGaki-Chan (AMG CHAN) event that was supposed to see light on March 21, to November. The venue for the event was 90% completed when the announcement came and financial loss was suffered.

    There was doubt back then whether the larger AMG event in August could go on. The idea seemed unlikely.

    But when there is a will, there must be a way, and the organiser found it. Being the year 2020, technological improvements have made many other things possible and AniManGaki is taking advantage of that by tag-teaming with technology to broadcast the event via Livestream this year which brings us to;

    AniManGaki Online, a Cyberspace Adventure!

    Adapting a new approach this year, AniManGaki Online is the first of its kind in AMG history. The virtual event aims to bring many of the famed AMG contents and fan favourite activities to enthusiasts both locally and around the world, all through the net.

    A “venue” of limitless possibilities, the online convention will be held from August 21 to August 23, with contents posted on various platforms such as Facebook Live, Youtube and Twitch.

    Watching it online is still not the same as attending the physical event itself but this will have to do for now. Looking at it positively, not only is AMG happening this year but the way it happens also eliminated many problems for those who couldn’t attend in the previous years – on top of keeping those who usually do safe and sound at home.

    If you couldn’t attend it before because you had to take care of your kids, well now you can just watch it from the comfort of your home while keeping an eye on them.

    Busy at work? Ignore your boss and watch it anyway on your phone while you do your work.

    Live too far away? It sucks to be you back then but now you can join in the fun with everybody because everything is online.

    AniManGaki Online event details

    Entry Fee: Absolutely FREE !

    Venue : Various social media platforms: Facebook , Youtube & Twitch

    Date: 21-23 August 2020

    Theme: Cyberspace!

    Throughout the weekend, fans who tune in will be treated with a line-up of activities, with special guests ranging locally and internationally. Participate in early set events and witness their outcomes during the live stream, specially tailored for all the Anime kaki’s out there, or should I say, Gaki’s !


    1. Creative Cosplay

    With a theme fitting with the lockdown season, Get in-character, ready some props and capture the moment using your smartphone or camera with the concept: What my character did during the lockdown.

    2. Pass the Brush challenge with Kei-Chan

    TikTok much during the lockdown? We know, we are as guilty as you are! be a part of this viral challenge with Kei-Chan!

    3. Pass the Pen artist challenge

    Also seeping off TikTok, join others and take part in the viral challenge!

    4. Art Competition

    Imagine all the possibilities or an alternate reality, like fighting bug bots or 404 pages, we need you to send our beloved mascot, Kei-chan on a cyberspace adventure!

    5. Idol Monster (IDOLMON) Competition

    Brought forward from AMG-chan 2020, the talented are invited to join this fun, competitive yet laid-back singing competition

    6. Pet Cosplay Competition

    Dress your pets down to the best cosplay look you can imagine and share the photo’s with all the Gaki’s!


    There will also be 10 hours of video streaming during the event, with performances by:

    • DRUMSTICK -桿子-

    • 月宵◇クレシェンテ Luna◇Crescente

    • Shino Shimazaki

    • KAO=S

    • Brightburn

    • 暖爐 -Stove- & Re:TurN-Circus-


    • Lynne Hobday

    • Patriots

    • Chloe (skit)

    • Liliana Vampiana


    Games for attendee’s to take part in

    • Quiplash2 Session

    • Anime Trivia Game Show

    • Claw Machine Challenge with PLAY UNITED!

    • The Magic Rain – Legends of Runeterra Tournament

    Lucky draw awaits everyone!

    Fans and attendee’s who complete a series of actions can enter a lucky draw for a chance to win prizes worth up to RM500!


    Special Guests

    Nishii Terumi (Animator)

    Official Website:

    A Japanese freelance animator who works primarily as an animation director and character designer. Best known for her work in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable, Netflix’s Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac, Penguindrum and more.

    Liliana Vampaia

    Half-human and half vampire, Liliana Vampaia is a Malaysian/English virtual Youtuber, associated with MyHolo TV. Her Tomato-San’s will be pleased of her attendance in this event!


    Famous for incorporating Malaysian culture into his doodle works, Kendrick is the artist behind #Kendylife, a webcomic series created by him, which features chibi characters like KendyKun, Natsuko, Kuma the dragon, and their friends.

    Last but not least, there will be an online marketplace available for fans to check out should they be interested in any amenities crafted by participating exhibitors and artists. Check out the directory and how to purchase below:

    • The AniManGaki Online 2020 Artist and Cosplay Marketplace will be opened from 21st till 28th August 2020 only.
    • All artists and cosplayers will be selling their items and merchandise via the FamsyMall website only. Click on any of the sellers above and be redirected to their respective shops.
    • To ensure that your payment is secured and to avoid potential fraud cases, kindly only buy artists’ and cosplayers’ items via the FamsyMall website. We are not responsible for any purchases made outside of our event’s platform.
    • FamsyMall only supports the following payment methods: Boost Ewallet, Credit/Debit Card, FPX, Grabpay, Maybank QR, Mcash, Touch n Go Ewallet, and Union Pay Credit.
    • For combined shipping, please add all items to the cart first before checking out. If you split orders, you would be charged for shipping respectively.
    • Remember to always request and to keep your receipts after purchases.
    • For every RM25 spent, you will earn a lucky draw entry. Kindly upload your receipts to our lucky draw form here: (to be updated soon)
    • Should you encounter any problems, kindly Whatsapp FamsyMall at +6012-579 1398 or email us at

    For more information on the marketplace, check out the Artist and Cosplay alley website here.

    Got After-Party Also.

    Fret not as the event comes to a close, ACGMIX & Ani-Mode from Taiwan and Mishisyaro from Singapore has got your back in bringing you back to reality after the 2-night online jamboree!

    Check out the official AMG website and Facebook to get the latest news and updates on the upcoming event. All aboard the cyberspace train, AniManGaki Online is taking over your online space next weekend!

    To All Cosplayers!

    It’s a shame we won’t get to see you folks this year. We have always enjoyed interacting with you and snapping photos of your cosplay to publish on our site. Some of you may have worked hard on your costume since early this year only to not have the chance to show it off until next year (hopefully lah).

    So, here’s what we are thinking – Let’s have a small competition.

    If you can take a photo of yourself cosplaying from the comfort of your home or outdoor and send it to us, we’d compile all the photos we received and publish them on our website. 3 winners will be selected and the winners will walk away with some treats! in partnership with AMG will be awarding the following prizes for three winners!

    1st Prize – RM 400 & AMG Goodie Bag x1
    2nd Prize – RM 300 & AMG Goodie Bag x1
    3rd Prize – RM 200 & AMG Goodie Bag x1

    But we have to make this extra special for the AMG occasion, we can’t just have everyone sending us their most beautiful studio shot photos to be published. It needs to be about the AMG Online 2020. So, you will need to hold up a card, or a paper, or a note, that clearly says #AMGONLINE2020 to qualify for the competition!

    Send your entries to with the subject ‘AMG Online Cosplay‘.

    We’ll announce the winners on Monday evening, August 24, on our Facebook Page. Participants have until Sunday, August 23, at 11.59 pm to submit their entry.

    Your photos can be both horizontal or vertical shots and should be as clear as possible. Please do not send us oversized files ya, keep it under 3MB in file size.

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