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    The Venue of AMG-Chan Was 90% Ready When Covid-19 Threat Forced It to Postpone. Financial Loss Suffered.

    The organizer for one of the most anticipated ACG (Anime, Comic, Games) events in the nation, AMG-Chan, has come out on March 13 and announced that due to the on-going surge of Covid-19 cases in Malaysia, the event will be postponed from March 21-22 to a later date.

    Owing to its role as a build-up event towards the much bigger AMG event usually held annually at the end of August, AMG-Chan is often known as the ‘Mini AniManGaki’ by its loyalists. The organizer had expected to accommodate at least 5,000 ACG enthusiasts from Malaysia and its neighboring countries for the event.

    A spokesperson for the AMG team has revealed that most of the preparation work at the venue had already been completed, in fact, the venue was 90% ready, prior to the announcement.

    “The anxiety was getting to everyone”, a source said, on the mood within the team as the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases continues to climb every day before the event was called off.

    After multiple discussions between the organizers, venue holder (Quill City Mall, KL), health-care professionals, Health Ministry, and a few others, the outcome was clear that the event would be called off, at least for now.

    The announcement came on March 13th on the organizer’s official Facebook Page, confirming that the AMG-Chan would be postponed until further notice. Coincidentally, on the same day, the Malaysian government had announced that all activities that involve mass gatherings would be postponed or canceled.

    Two days after the announcement on March 15, Malaysia recorded the highest number of confirmed cases in a single day, with 190 people confirmed to be infected with the Covid-19.

    And one day after on March 16, the Prime Minister of Malaysia has announced a nationwide Movement Control Order, a 14-days safety measure that limits travel within the country will be in effect after 2 days.

    When asked about the guests, exhibitors and sponsors’ responses towards the cancellation, the organizer shares that the feedback was generally positive and that many have even sent in words of encouragement.

    The decision gave everyone peace of mind. Many were kind with their words and felt sympathetic about the situation. Some even gave words of encouragement to our team in which we are genuinely thankful for.

    When we poked further asking about financial losses due to the postponement of the event, the organizer insisted that “It was simply the right thing to do” (postponing the event).

    “Yes, losses are a given, but our priority is always on the safety and well-being of everyone involved in our projects, we can always work harder to recover from this!”

    For those wondering if AMG-Chan will return at all this year, the organizer have announced yesterday on March 17 that the event has been rescheduled to November 7-8. The bigger AniManGaki event date itself will remain in Mid August if nothing changes, the organizer said.

    If you are reading this, the BunnyGaming team would like to remind everyone to avoid going out to crowded places if possible. And if you have no choice but to go outside, please maintain a safe distance from others and make sure to practice good hygiene.

    Today, March 18, marks the first of the fourteen days of the Malaysian government imposed Movement Control Order. All citizens are advised to heed the order and avoid going outside unnecessarily.

    Stay safe and be well.

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