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    AniManGaki 2019 – Eleven Activities Awaits Plus a Line-up of Prominent Guests and Artists!

    ACG Fans Assembleeee!
    Like most of you already know, the annual gathering for like-minded beautiful folks like us is just around the corner, and of course, like the name in this article’s title and the feature image suggests, I am talking about AniManGaki (AMG) 2019 coming on August 31 – September 1.

    After shifting out from its traditional venue that was Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre, the venue for this year’s AMG will be at the Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre – A Bigger Venue! And of course, with a bigger venue comes bigger responsibilities to deliver!

    The biggest AMG to date.
    According to the organizer, this year’s AMG marks the 11th Anniversary of the event and will be the biggest one yet, with a projected attendance of 20,000 people from Malaysia and its neighbouring countries. One of the latest expansion to the event includes a bigger doujin space catering up to 200 artists (compared to 120 tables previously). A new section called Cosplay Alley dedicated to cosplayers will be introduced, and the gaming section will be receiving more attention.

    AniManGaki 2019 Event Info

    Ticket Price – RM 30 One-Day | RM 60 Two-Day.
    Venue –
    The Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre
    Date –
    August 31 – September 1

    Over the course of Two Days, event-goers will be pampered by a line-up of exciting activities including a chance to meet some of the biggest names in the Local and International scene. Check out this long assed list of things you can do and the people you can meet at the AniManGaki 2019!


      1. Cosplay Competition Sponsored by Armaggeddon & TokyoNinki
        An abbreviation of ’costume’ and ‘play’, cosplay is an increasingly popular hobby
        worldwide. Fans usually attend the vent in their own tailored costumes and role-play as their favourite character. Participants perform sketches on stage and make their best impersonation of the cosplayed character. The winning team of this competition will compete against other Malaysian cosplay champions at the annual Cosplay Invitational.

      2. AniManGaki Idol Sponsored by SonicGear
        Another popular activity in which contestants show off their singing skills and compete in front of a judging panel and live audience. The longest of its kind in Malaysian ACG events, it also jumpstarted the career of many local ACG singers.

      3. Art Competition Sponsored by Artist Hub
        Pre-event activity in which participants submit their artworks online. Winning entries will be featured at our gallery area on event days. Champion wins a drawing tablet and will have their artwork featured on the back page of the AMG 2019 event booklet.

      4. Doodle 4 AniManGaki Contest Sponsored by Sakura
        For those who love to doodle, attendees may pick up a canvas from the Sakura booth and enter the contest for free. Winning entries may win up to RM1000 worth of Sakura products!

      5. Carnival Games
        Think of it as a mini funfair, consisting of game booths. Attendees get to test their skills and try their luck at winning some prizes by playing games like archery, shooting cans, and ball toss.

      6. Special Interest Panels/Workshop
        A platform for collaborators to showcase their works and the opportunity to create awareness or educate the attendees on their company/products/services.

      7. Doujin Alley (Artist Tables)
        Artists set up booths to display their works, sell handmade crafts to attendees, and fulfil commission requests. There are 200 artist tables at AniManGaki 2019.

      8. Cosplay Alley
        A new section dedicated to cosplayers only! Meet and greet 30 of your favourite cosplayers here.

      9. Stage & Band Performance
        As usual, the AniManGaki stage will be live and ongoing with talented acts that would keep you entertained and inspired.

      10. Video Game Arena
        A collaborative work made possible by Infinite Carnage Malaysia and Malaysian Touhou Brigade, participants compete live in several featured tournaments to win prizes and earn the championship title of the year!

      11. Exhibitor Booths
        With over 60 booths, exhibitors consist of studios (gaming or animation), products/services, education institutions, merchandise sellers, and more.

    Special Guests

    Yoko Taro (Game Director)
    Official Page:

    The name that needs no further introduction. Yoko Taro is the mastermind behind the critically acclaimed NieR and Drakengard series. He is a Japanese game director and writer that is known for his innovative game design and intricate storytelling.

    Takahisa Taura (Game Director)
    Official Page:

    PlatinumGames game designer and director of ASTRAL CHAIN, Taura also contributed to the Nier series alongside Yoko Taro. The details in his works have significantly made the audience feel as they were part of the game.

    Takebuchi Kei (Singer/Musician)
    Official Page:

    Her works with Goose House appeared on anime series such as Shigatsu no Uso (Your Lie in April) and Gin no Saji (Silver Spoon). She will be headlining the live concert on Day 01 at AniManGaki 2019.

    SAIDA (Cosplayer/Youtuber)
    Official Page:

    SAIDA has been highly notable for her portrayal of several characters especially the princesses from Disney and The Idolm@ster series. Popular for the combination of her versatile look and great showmanship, SAIDA also makes stunning cosplay music videos for her Youtube channel.


    Featured Guests

    Yugana Senshi Uon (Cosplayer/Crafter)
    Official Page:

    This Maestro level artisan was a full-time in-house designer and visual merchandiser for high profile shopping malls in Malaysia before becoming a full-time stay-at-home mother. She sailed into the world of Cosplay in 2013 and in just less than a year, she found herself invited to guest in both local and international events. Look forward to seeing her at the event!

    #kendylife (Illustrator/Digital Specialist)
    Official Page:

    Born at Kota Kinabalu and raised in Sipitang, the Sino-Kadazan’s childhood interest in art
    matured into creating #kendylife. This national treasure slash living legend currently resides in Kuala Lumpur where he is also the current Chief Operating Officer at Social Grooves and Secretary at the Malaysia Infocomm Foundation.

    Rikka Blurhound (Cosplayer/Crafter)
    Official Page:

    A Cosplayer and Crafter from Malaysia who started cosplaying in 2011, actively participating in various cosplay competitions and actively gaming in League of Legends. Rikka enjoys bringing cosplay characters to life, emphasizing on originality and being as close to the character as possible despite her small stature.


    There’s an AMG 2019 after-party concert too!
    The two-day AniManGaki 2019 event runs from August 31 to September 1 at the Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre. For those of you who didn’t know, the Malaysian Touhou Brigade is organizing a Touhou Theme Concert on September 1, after AMG 2019 concludes. More information on the Concert Here – Catch Yuuhei Satellite in Malaysia!

    More information on AMG 2019 can be found on the organizer’s website and Facebook page, be sure to check em out!


    P.s Cosplayers.
    Just as we did in the last AMG, ACE, and AMG Chan, we’d be there on both days of AMG 2019 and we’d love to do another Cosplay Album with you. If you are stopped by us for a photo, don’t feel shy, just give us a nice pose and we’ll do our very best to show you off to the world! See you soon again ya!

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