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    Catch Yuuhei Satellite in the Touhou NightSKY Concert After AniManGaki this September 1!

    The Malaysian Touhou Brigade has announced that they are collaborating with the local ACG goliath, AniManGaki, to host a Touhou themed concert on September 1, 2019, at the Mines Convention Centre. The concert will take place after the main AniManGaki 2019 event is concluded. #AfterParty!

    Featuring – Yuuhei Satellite!
    Titled ‘Touhou NightSKY‘, the concert will be featuring the popular and trendsetting JPOP band, ‘Yuuhei Satellite’, from Japan. The band have released over 100 albums since their formation in 2010 and have performed in 5 countries. This year alone, Yuuhei Satellite has held 10 concerts.

    This September will mark the band’s first performance in Southeast Asia with prominent members of the band such as the mesmerising vocalist duo, Yuzurisa and Toa, and guitarist ikuo, here in Malaysia for an evening of memorable Touhou music. #HappyOrNot?

    Details of the concert as follows;
    Date – September 1, 2019
    Time – 7.30pm – 9.30pm
    Venue – Mines International Exhibition and Convention Centre (After AniManGaki concludes).

    Two types of tickets are available. The basic one costs RM 50 for general admission to the concert area. VIP Tickets will set you back RM 90 but comes with several ‘perks’ that would make your investment worthwhile.

    Tickets! Pic Credit: Malaysian Touhou Brigade FB.

    VIP Ticket holders will get to partake in a Meet & Greet session with Yuuhei Satellite, including a photo opportunity with the band. These tickets will also include a limited-edition poster with the band members’ signatures and give priority access to the ticket holders to the concert area.

    Nah, the poster!

    Where to get em tickets?!
    There are 4 ways to get a ticket.

    1. Buy it online via this Peatix Link here.
    2. Purchase it at the AniManGaki ticket counters or any affiliated roadshows where AniManGaki tickets are sold.
    3. Purchase it at the Touhou Matsuri Sales booth during the two-day Touhou only event held at AniManGaki (Aug 31 – Sept 1).
    4. Or win it through a giveaway! Follow the Facebook page of Malaysian Touhou Brigade for more announcements/info on this.

    Wait, what? You can’t make it but want the signed poster?

    Luckily for you, the event organizer thought about this and got you covered! Any of you unfortunate souls who can’t make it can still get yourself a nice Event Poster signed by Yuuhei Satellite in the mail by showing your love and support via this KO-FI page.

    Any contributions worth USD 12 (Approx RM 48) or above, will be entitled to an event poster signed by Yuuhei Satellite.

    “The KO-FI Support was created as a means for fans to show their support without having to be there in person. Every sen we receive goes towards ensuring we can meet the financial obligations for this event, as well as for future events down the road”.

    Malaysian Touhou Brigade


    Neon glow bracelets locked and loaded!
    Catch Yuuhei Satellite in action on September 1, 7.30pm, at The Mines International Exhibition and Convention Centre. The concert will take place after the AniManGaki event.

    Cheers and see you there!

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