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    Tag: AniManGaki 2019

    Popular Touhou Group Yuuhei Satellite Rocks It Up at AniManGaki 2019

    AniManGaki 2019 wound down with a flourish. One of Malaysia’s biggest Anime, Cosplay and Games events finally came to a close on Sunday, September...

    EXCLUSIVE! – Interview With Yoko Taro & Taura Takahisa – The future of Astral Chain and Looking Back at Nier Automata

    AniManGaki, short for Anime-Manga-Gaki (brat in Japanese) 2019, is an annual Anime Cosplay Games (ACG) themed event that takes place every year in Malaysia....

    AMG 2019 – What Went Right, and What Needs Improvement.

    So, AniManGaki 2019 (AMG) has come and gone and after spending two days on the ground covering the event and interviews, we've compiled all...

    AniManGaki 2019 – Eleven Activities Awaits Plus a Line-up of Prominent Guests and Artists!

    ACG Fans Assembleeee!  Like most of you already know, the annual gathering for like-minded beautiful folks like us is just around the corner, and of...

    NieR and Drakengard Series Creator, Yoko Taro, is Coming to Malaysia! Catch The Legend Himself at the AniManGaki 2019!

    Video Games Legend, Yoko Taro, who created critically acclaimed series like Dragkengard and NieR will be attending this year's AniManGaki Event at the Mines...


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