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    A Few More Interesting Picks – Vampire: The Masquerade, Outlandia, Nine Sols, The White Raven And More

    If I didn’t reply to you back on time via messages or emails, I’m not ignoring you – My eyes are repeatedly glued to the screen like an obsessed Smeagle, on the many precious indie titles dripping with atmosphere. This time it’s a mix of a bunch of precious indie adventure, side-scrolling shooters, pure action, and many more in the mix. I’d say the indies coming out this year or in the following year are looking rather promising, with a ton of potential. Without further ado, here are some titles that may be well worth checking out.


    Teased as an open-world pixelated western-themed RPG, Outlandia by developer Traegis is a top-down shooting and slashing as a bounty hunter garnering skills for survival, farming, and combat. Will you choose the path of a peaceful farmer and leave your past behind, or will you continue to carry out bounty hunting duties – for good or for evil? Outlandia is coming to PC on October 2023.

    Source: Traegis

    Features as shared on Steam:

    • Customization of bases around the world to create unique environments and farming/crafting systems. These can be created wherever you want them, based on your progress through the game.

    • Ability to purchase NPC-owned ranches, in order to shape the surrounding regions and contribute to your own wealth.

    • Detailed, and open-ended main storyline with a decision-based aspect. You can become a tyrant over the local village or remain loyal to the residents – each with its own benefits and disadvantages.

    • Ability to form relationships with residents of Skala Village.
    • Survival aspect: all vitality aspects (health and stamina) will not regenerate automatically.

    • Forage for a wide range of resources: wood, stone, minerals, mystical flora, fish, crops…etc… to craft and regenerate lost vitality.

    • Unique visuals and weather systems, with a season-based farming system

    • Lush environment will constantly regenerate itself in a random assortment, making an ever-changing world

    • Difficult combat with access to both ranged and melee weapons You will not be able to progress without planning for encounters.

    • Large emphasis on customization of your character with equipment and alchemy to enhance player stats.

    • Can purchase and utilize farm animals and other companion entities.

    Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong

    Just two months away from the release of Narrative RPG Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong by NACON, Big Bad Wolf Studio, and Hazel Iversen, Prince of the Boston Camarilla. Releasing a brand-new gameplay video that takes place when the critical emergency starts to unfold.

    Source: Nacon

    Play as three vampires with customizable character sheets to be either the expert of speech, technology, and vampire powers – visiting various locations searching for clues, solving puzzles, and interactions. Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong is a story-based game with multiple story branches, in which certain choices permanently affect the fate of your heroes and the Boston vampire community!

    Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong will be available on PC (Epic Games Store) and consoles on May 19th, 2022.

    Nine Sols

    A hand-drawn Taopunk style 2D action-platformer from Red Candle Games, currently under crowdfunding. Inspired by Sekiro, Hollow Knight, and Katana Zero; combining the deflection based Sekiro combat experience in 2D with side-scrolling platforming exploration. Nine Sols is planned for release on PC/Mac, as well as both the Nintendo and Sony consoles

    Source: Red Candle Games

    The White Raven

    GatherRound Studios tactical RPG title, The White Raven portrays tactical combat prowess, outsmarting enemies by setting a terrain on fire or shoving them onto an ally for a follow-up attack. Weave your story via story choices be it truthseeker or a smooth-talking charlatan and build relationships with your allies. The White Raven is currently in development with an upcoming Kickstarter campaign on PC with no release date yet.

    Source: Next Indie

    Orbital Bullet

    This fast-paced 360° action-platformer with rogue-lite elements by SmokeStab and publisher Assemble Entertainment, is out now on PC. Take fight and take all actions in a circular pattern and through a variety of procedural planets and use body modifications, crafting, and heavy weaponry.

    Source: Assemble Entertainment

    Trigger Finger Features as shared on Steam:
    • 360° hard-boiled gunplay: Projectiles traverse in a 360°-degree pattern allowing for a new unrivaled gunplay feeling.

    • “Just one-more-run”: Procedurally generated planets, mean enemies, bad-ass bosses, diverse weaponry and game-changing upgrades guarantee addictive gameplay.
    • Make the most satisfying long-range curved snipes you have ever done or blast and shred enemies with a load of your hyper shotgun. Or are you more of a rocket launcher fella?
    • Fast-paced unrelenting pixel style-action: each death is permanent, but let’s be honest, dying is part of the fun.

    • Having a hard time making progress? Don’t worry, we got you covered! After each death you will be able to spend Nanobytes to receive permanent upgrades and skills.
    • How about a bigger Medi-Backpack or extra Shield to last a little bit longer?
    • Or activate the Combo System, to tremendously increase the pacing of the game and receive certain multipliers to currency drops and EXP.
    • Don’t like your starting weapon? Unlock a new more powerful one right from the start and get your revenge.

    • Build your own custom skill tree with our Dynamic Skill Trees! Make clever decisions to empower skills and reach new power spikes while the tree changes every time you play.
    • “We need guns, lots of guns.” Unlock, find, or buy more than 38 different guns, weapon upgrades and various power-enhancing perks that will change the way you’ll play.
    • Unlock four different classes to choose from, like the turret-carrying Engineer or the fire-fueled Hellion, each with a different skill tree.
    • Are you the type of person who enjoys some good ol’ pain? Good, because we got a Streak System that will make the game considerably more difficult (coupled with a few other surprises) with each completed run until your streak ends. Don’t worry though, you will have plenty opportunity to die.

    • Orbital Bullet features a pounding electronica soundtrack composed by Juha Korpelainen & Niilo Takalainen. If you die a lot, at least you can listen to some catchy tunes.


    Currently, on Kickstarter, Shyftrs is to me a cowboy-style protagonist in a hollow knight-inspired 2D action hand-drawn world. A Hack and slash stylized Metroidvania developed by Wicked Art Games as you battle through ancient creatures, solve puzzles and explore different environments as you go deep beneath the ruined temple or go high above an ancient tree. No announcements of a release date yet as the Kickstarter is still ongoing.

    Source: WickedArtGame

    Game Features as shared on Kickstarter:
    • Side Scroller game with hand-drawn animation
    • Explore the parallel world of Ikarus and discover the hidden dimension of Astral world, a bridge between Ikarus and Esos (MC’s World)
    • Collect materials to upgrade your weapon or to create relics.

    • Use your steampunk equipment to navigate the world. Tread each route carefully as you may encounter hidden rooms and secrets along the way.
    • Over 100+ enemies to battle! From the undead to bizarre-looking creatures living in the majestic world of Ikarus.
    • Forge your destiny to become one of the legendary masters of your kind and to discover your bloodline.
    • Complete the Void Stone to unlock some of the mysteries of the Ember tree and to discover the true path.
    • Custom painted Landscape with alluring parallax to cater the story of each environment.


    When frog and rogue join hands, comes a bullet-hell time manipulation roguelike platformer by developer Wired Dreams Studio. Dash, stick to the walls and freeze time as you avoid bullets as well as kill your enemies with knife throws. Frogue will be released on PC in Q4 2022.

    Source: Wired Dreams Studio


    Developed by Black Mermaid and published by Humble Games, this 2D souls-like slasher hits the right node of the dark world and 2D pixel art as you push the limits of your combat skills while mastering new abilities to progress. Reminds me so much of Death Gambit and Blasphemous, players take on the role of the fierce warrior Grey Irma in a rich dark fantasy story set in a beautifully realized world marred by desperation and despair.

    Master new abilities to progress through an unforgiving nonlinear 2D world. Face off against the relentless darkness that seeks to destroy you. In Moonscars, every death is a lesson learned—and as you overcome each challenge, new truths will be revealed. Moonscars will be slashing down its foes as it releases in 2022.

    Source: Humble Games

    Features as shared on Humble Games:
    • Death shapes you – Before you rise, you first must fall. Mold yourself into a master warrior through a cycle of trial and triumph.
    • A grimly gorgeous world – Explore the shadows and secrets concealed in the moonlight of a painterly nonlinear 2D realm marred by desperation and despair.
    • Test your resolve – Sharpen your skills and reflexes in challenging, action-packed combat. Slash and parry with your sword, wield unique special weapons, and command powerful Witchery.
    • The Moon hungers – Unearth a strange, dark fantasy tale filled with twists and intricate worldbuilding. Seek the truth of your creation and be rewarded.
    • Clay, bone, and ichor – Bear witness to tales and memories of betrayal, suffering, and revenge as Grey Irma and her fellow beings of flesh and clay seek truth and purpose.


    Developed by rose-engine and published by Humble Games, Signalis is a pixelated horror-dense vibe in a slow pace gameplay action much like the classic horror genre. Investigate a dark secret, solve puzzles, fight off nightmarish creatures and navigate dystopian, surreal retro-tech worlds as Elster, a technician Replika searches for her lost dreams. To me, this looks to be what would happen if the horror genres like Silent Hill and Alone In The Dark jump into a retrofuturistic-themed world.

    Currently planned for PC and Xbox Game Pass however no confirmation on the release date yet.

    Source: Humble Games

    Features as shared on Humble Games:
    • Visuals – Striking Pixel-Art Anime Aesthetic
    • Mood – Slow-paced, creeping surreal psychological horror with a dense atmosphere
    • Environment – Unique, Cold-War Eurasian Retrotech-Sci-Fi take on Cosmic Horror
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