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    2D Turn-Based RPG Terrain of Magical Expertise is Coming to Stores on September 9th

    Developer NEO-C Productions L.L.C and publisher 1C Entertainment brings in a release date reveal trailer of Terrain of Magical Expertise, a 2D Turn-Based RPG inspired by the hit web series. Terrain of Magical Expertise will be officially released on September 9th via Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store and other digital stores. The launch price is set at $24.99 USD / 24.99 EUR with a 15% launch discount during the first week.

    Source: 1C Entertainment

    Game animated details and features

    Terrain of Magical Expertise is a non-linear, story-driven RPG adventure, with an original turn-based combat system enhanced with various quicktime events. Featuring a full cast of voice actors, including talents from some of your favourite video games, YouTube channels, anime and cartoons, as well as charming animations and a huge world to explore, “TOME” packs 40+ hours of pure fun.

    You take the role of a White-Hat Hacker who is gifted a copy of TOME by a mysterious friend. As a favour, you will help to take down some sinister Black-Hat Hackers who are trying to win the “Campaign of Champions” by using nefarious means. Joining forces with a guild of determined players called “The Dandy Alliance”, you embark on a turn-based role-playing adventure to help your newfound friends achieve victory.


    Key Features

    • Customize your player-character with a variety of magical techniques, all executed via specialized quicktime-events!
    • A fully-voiced adventure, featuring 50 actors from some of your favorite video games, anime and cartoons!
    • Utilize hacker abilities to turn the tide against your cheating enemies…or cheat yourself, manipulating the game’s rules!
    • 6 party member characters, each with unique skills that can combine together into “Team Attacks” that will devastate your foes!
    • 25 stages to explore, with over 200 unique enemies to battle against in turn-based combat!
    • Branching narrative paths based on your decisions…as well as your victories and losses, resulting in multiple endings!

    Terrain of Magical Expertise is set to release on PC on September 9th, 2021.

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