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    2D side-scrolling action RPG, Dark Devotion is launching October 24th

    From our previous coverage on the overview gameplay, Dark Devotion is finally set to launch very soon, thanks to the announcement by publisher The Arcade Crew and developer Hibernian Workshop.


    Explore the depths of the fallen temple which challenges your faith as a Templar

    Explore the secrets which may question your own beliefs with its brooding richly detailed cruel world’s as you wield many dozens of weapons to kill all forms of dark enemies and bosses who are solely here to destroy your soul. Comes with it’s own range of weapons, armors and relics to boot. Allowing you to customize your play style with it’s attributes and customizable mystical runes. Fully utilize or adapt to the enemies you are facing.

    Not to forget, that each piece of items holds certain clue to the past. Be it a piece of the story, a letter or even a clue that may aid you in your quest.

    Seek salvation with these key features:

    • Multiple weapons, armour types, magic spells and items which may alter your fighting style
    • Use items wisely at the right time.
    • Only able to equip one item at a time, manage it wisely
    • Seek dynamic and strategic combat as you study your enemies movement
    • Seek blessings or curse which is practically buff or debuff
    • Rich storylines with books found in the library, allowing players to form their own theories about the temple
    • Certain enemies drop blueprint for crafting purposes
    • Kill enemies to collect faith in order to unlock secret paths and chests.
    • Branching paths without backtrack
    • Beware of traps and precipices (fall damage)
    • Find hidden path, wall or secrets for unspeakable treasures
    • Enemies killed will drop corrupted faith for upgrading skills
    • Over 100 different effects
    • Choose your paths wisely, as the world in Dark Devotion offers more than one path.
    • No procedural generation, level are handcrafted and fixed allowing players to learn from their mistakes (however with optional paths for different environments)
    • Conquer 20 boss battles

    Although it has been released for PC via steam for April 25, 2019. PlayStation 4 and Switch will be releasing on October 24, 2019.

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