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    Astral Ascent – Now Available On Consoles And PC

    French indie studio Hibernian Workshop has released Astral Ascent for PC/Mac/Linux via Steam, PS5/PS4 (PlayStation Store), and Nintendo Switch (eShop) for €24.50/ $24.99 / £20.99. This lightning-fast rogue-lite has the player leading a team of four unique heroes who must fight twelve powerful bosses, the Zodiacs, across a modern fantasy pixel art world.

    Astral Ascent has been in Early Access since April 2022, quickly becoming one of the highest-wishlisted rogue-lite indie games on Steam right now. It has managed to gather 92% of “Very Positive” reviews, and this 1.0 update adds three new Zodiac bosses to face, including a final boss with two challenging phases, and a main soundtrack theme by composer Dale North (River City Girls, Wizard of Legend), and singer Emi Evans (Nier, Dark Souls).

    About the Game

    Players create their own gameplay styles by unlocking hundreds of spells that can be heavily customized. Then they can use them to defeat challenging enemies in a beautifully hand-crafted world.

    Each time they die they will be able to modify their perks, summons, unique Auras, and other gameplay elements. The game features both single and multiplayer modes, letting players be joined by a friend for local or online co-op using Steam’s Remote Play.

    The game features 17 different endings, fully animated and narrated and a fifth playable character will also be released in 2024.

    Astral Ascent is now available for PC/Mac/Linux via Steam, PS5/PS4 (PlayStation Store), and Nintendo Switch (eShop).

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