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    AMD shows off their mind blowing Hangar 21 technology that will change how games look and sound

    We can never outrun the growth of gaming technology even a second. This time around AMD showcased the power of the AMD RDNA 2 gaming architecture-powered “Hangar 21”.

    The tech demo also shows the power of the FidelityFX with the next-generation visual technology with the help of DirectX 12 Ultimate that brings a balance of both visual fidelity and performance.


    AMD FidelityFX is an open-source collection of optimized visual technology that gives the developer a much easier way of implementing high-quality effects and boost it up with strong optimizations that can make games look incredible.

    The tech demo that was shown, showcases how developers harness multiple methods to achieve the perfect balance of rasterization, compute effects as well as raytracing.

    The balance of all 3 creates a combination that really breaks the barrier of graphics that is mind-blowing to see.


    The FidelityFX is now available for 35 games for now but the list will continue to expand quickly. The upcoming addition of FidelityFX Contrast Adaptive Sharpening or CAS will be coming to Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition for the PC.

    For more in-depth information on the FidelityFX effects as well as more, do check out HERE which demonstrates the difference when the technology applies on some of these games.


    New additions coming to GPUOpen

    In addition, AMD also released a collection of new content on GPUOpen to help developers take full advantage of everything AMD RDNA 2 architecture has to offer.

    There will also be 3 new effects for FidelityFX included as well. There will new updates to the developer tools as well as more new tutorials and videos that will help developers to take full advantage of the new technology.

    For more information regards of GPUOpen, do peruse the site HERE for further in-depth information

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